The least “hated” Kpop MVs with over 100 million views on Youtube, which songs is most loved?

The lower dislike number, the cooler a MV is; it means the MV is so good that even anti-fans can’t deny!

When a MV is released, beside the total number of views and likes, the figure about dislike is also very important, as these statistics indicate the publics’ reactions towards the MV. For a MV with a great number of views, if there are less likes than dislikes, the MV still fails to please and satisfy the viewers.
There are tons of lists about most viewed MVs, so, why don’t we check out the list of Kpop MVs with the least dislikes so far.

10. Danger – BTS

This MV was released in BTS’s 2nd album, which was introduced in 2014. Bangtan boys’ addictive melody and unique music vibe help this MV to receive only 23 thousand dislikes, meanwhile there are up to 1,2 million likes for this MV.

9. 4Minute – Crazy

Crazy was one of the most successful hit songs in 4Minute’s career. Even though the MV’s visual is quite simple with the black and white backgrounds, its concept and choreography are impressive as it shows a strong vibe of pop and hip-hop. On top of that, Crazy is only disliked 22 thousand times.

8. Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang

Eyes, Nose, Lips is one of the most loved pop ballad songs in Kpop. The MV is not complicated at all, from the opening scene till the end, there is only the images of Taeyang singing. But this MV went viral in a long period. Compared to 1 million likes for this MV, the number of 19 thousand dislikes is obviously low.

7. Bad Boy – Big Bang

Bad Boy was the 2nd single released by Big Bang in 2012 but the MV for this song was not officially introduced until the early of 2013. And right after the MV was uploaded, netizens can’t help being so excited about the cool concept of the 5 boys. Big Bang’s MVs have always been well invested so that they can show off all the uniqueness of “Kpop King”. Bad Boy MV has more than 724 thousand likes and only about 19 thousand dislikes.

6. Let’s Not Fall In Love – Big Bang

Another addictive song by Big Bang, this MV melts all the hearts with the exquisite scenes of the 5 boys. Let’s Not Fall In Love just gets about 18 thousand dislikes, meanwhile more than 1 million viewers clicked like for this MV.

5. Sober – Big Bang

Released from Made album, this song is the 3rd single of Big Bang in 2016. Big Bang’s songs never fail to impress the listeners. The number of dislikes for this MV is only about 17 thousand.

4. If You Do – GOT7

If You Do was a big step of GOT7, making this group become a popular group in both Korea and Asia. The creative dance move in the chorus of this song is considered one of the most epic choreographies in Kpop. This song is liked more than 1,2 million times but only about 16 thousand people dislike it.

3. Blue – Big Bang

Once again, a MV by Big Bang. Blue is a sad ballad song expressing the feelings of love, it was written by the duo Teddy and G-Dragon. Although Big Bang is more well-known for their Hip-hop songs, ballad songs by the group also gain a lot of love from Kpop fans. Blue is named at the 3rd position with around 15 thousand dislikes.

2. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch

This MV has surprised everyone! Stay With Me was just released in the middle of last year and it became the most loved OST of the year. The emotional vocal of Punch combined with the low rap voice of Chanyeol (EXO) makes you fall for this song right at the first time. That’s why it gets more than 1 million dislikes but only about 15 thousand dislikes.

1. Haru Haru – Big Bang

So, the winner of this list is no one other than Big Bang with their first hit song Haru Haru. After almost 10 years, this MV becomes the legendary MV that all-Kpop-fans-must-know. Haru Haru only has 10 thousand dislikes, the lowest number among that of Kpop MVs in this list.
The most outstanding name in this list is Big Bang, as the “Kpop King” owns 6/10 MVs with the least dislikes. This achievement shows that no one can replace the golden boys of YG, their MVs are so cool that even anti-fans can’t press the dislike button for them.

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