Rosé creates a personal account on Spotify, the main vocal of BLACKPINK is about to make a solo debut?

Official Spotify channel for Rosé appeared, which excited fans

After a series of rumors about BLACKPINK Rosé’s solo debut, recently, fans quickly found an important detail about her debut.  Accordingly, on the global music streaming platform Spotify, information about Rosé’s personal page has been updated.  That means, most likely, Rosé’s solo debut is being prepared to be released as soon as possible!

Accordingly, fans quickly shared the photo that was supposed to be Rosé’s homepage on Spotify.  The content of the current page is still nothing more than Rosé’s stage name.

Rosé Spotify solo debut1

In addition, her combined music product “Without you” with BIGBANG leader G-DRAGON has been updated to direct a link to Rosé’s Spotify channel instead of the words “(?) Of YG New Girlgroup”  before.  This move of YG made many fans excited.

Rosé Spotify solo debut1

Immediately after rumors broke out, a series of comments from fans on social networks were spread at a dizzying speed.  Most of them expressed their eagerness for waiting for the day that BLACKPINK’s main vocalist makes her solo debut  for a long time.

Netizens also quickly reviewed the moment when Rosé also revealed her solo debut through the BLACKPINK documentary, Light Up The Sky.  Thereby, Rosé self-recorded a song that she composed and accompaniment.  The documentary also mentions the reason for delaying Rosé’s solo debut.  It seems that because she wanted to compose her own song, Rosé was very careful with her own work. 

Previously, Spotify also updated Jennie’s account just before the day she debuted solo.  Up to now, although only releasing a single music product in the 2 years since debut, Jennie’s Spotify page has 490,244 followers, a remarkable number with a  female solo artist.  The appearance of the Spotify channel for Rosé has made many audiences excited because it is likely that her first solo product will appear on Spotify in the near future!

Rosé Spotify solo debut

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