Son Dam-bi’s visuals changed drastically after going on a honeymoon with Lee Kyu-hyuk

Singer and actress Son Dam-bi, who is living a sweetly newlywed life with Lee Kyu-hyuk, revealed her recent status.

On June 6th, Lee Kyu-hyuk posted a picture on his Instagram along with the caption saying, “A relaxing holiday. Cold draft beer. This is happiness. Always with Dam-bi.”

Son Dam-bi

The photo showed Lee Kyu-hyuk and Son Dam-bi taking a proof shot while enjoying snacks and draft beer, which helps you feel refreshed just by looking at it.

In the photo, Son Dam-bi was holding a beer with a big smile while putting her head together with Lee Kyu-hyuk.

Son Dam-bi

In the picture, Son Dam-bi has bangs that were not seen in wedding and honeymoon photos.

Kang Seung-hyun, an acquaintance who saw her short bangs, praised by leaving a comment, “Your bangs are so cute.”

Son Dam-bi

Netizens are also responding with comments such as “Your bangs are cute”, “You’re getting younger after marriage” and “Your bangs suit you well.”

Son Dam-bi

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk held a wedding ceremony on May 13th. They recently went on a honeymoon to Hawaii, which made everyone envious.

Son Dam-bi

The two first met through SBS’ “Kiss & Cry” in 2011, dated for about a year then broke up. They met again in 2021, reunited and even got married, sparking a reaction that it was a movie-like love story.

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