Son Ye-jin intentionally threw her bouquet for Gong Hyo-jin to catch because she already knew about her best friend’s romantic relationship with Kevin Oh?

Everyone is now waiting for Gong Hyo-jin to announce her marriage.

Today, the whole Korean entertainment industry continued to pay attention to a new couple. That is Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh. The 1980-born actress already confirmed that the two are dating but denied the marriage rumors reported by the media. Fans were all amazed by the sudden dating news. 

Meanwhile, fans looked back on the famous moment of Gong Hyo-jin at Son Ye-jin’s wedding, which was held yesterday (March 31st). The moment Son Ye-jin threw her bouquet, the one and only person who got it was actress Gong Hyo-jin. Other guests were silently waiting to congratulate Gong Hyo-jin when she caught the bouquet.

The moment Son Ye-jin intentionally threw the bouquet to her best friend Gong Hyo-jin
son ye jin Gong hyo jin
The bouquet was thrown for only one person to catch

This caused fans to suspect that Son Ye-jin intended to give this special present to her best friend because she already knew the romantic relationship between Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh. However, this is just a guess by fans.

son ye jin Gong hyo jin
Gong Hyo-jin and Son Ye-jin have been close friends for a long time
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