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This male singer confessed that he used to copy everything about Kim Jong Kook

Singer KCM mentioned Kim Jong Kook on a “Radio Star” broadcast. 

KCM appeared on “Radio Star” and told a past story about him and Kim Jong Kook.

Radio Star KCM

KCM and Kim Jong Kook are both doing well and they are close friends of each other. However, there is a deep story about their friendship. 

In fact, the two were not close to each other in the past. Then, what happened at that time?

KCM said, “Kim Jong Kook was a famous singer who has the same singing tone and pitch as mine”. He continued, “I, Kim Jong Kook, and a producer met at a karaoke. In front of both of us, the producer declared war between us, saying I would win by copying Kim Jong Kook”. 

KCM said he felt very sorry at that time but what surprised him the most was Kim Jong Kook’s reaction. KCM said, “In such an embarrassing situation, Kim Jong Kook even encouraged me and gave me advice on singing”.

KCM continued, “As a fan of Kim Jong Kook, I really wanted to become closer to him. However, I couldn’t even be friends with Kim Jong Kook due to the project of copying him”.

Radio Star KCM

After then, KCM wore exactly the same styles and clothes as Kim Jong Kook’s but exposed his body more to attract attention. 

Source: daum

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