Recent visuals of a middle school girl who was misunderstood as an “office worker” because of her mature appearance

Actress Im Soo-hyang was cast in “Season of Kkokdu”. An entertainment industry official said, “Im Soo-hyang will be the main character of MBC’s new drama ‘Season of Kkokdu’.”

“Season of Kkokdu” is about a grim reaper named Kkokdu, who visits the mortal world every 99 years to punish humans. He meets Han Gye-jeol, a doctor with mysterious abilities, and starts working as a visiting doctor.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang will play Han Gye-jeol, a fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Hankuk University Hospital who will be involved with Kkokdu. Kim Jung-hyun will take on the role of Kkokdu.

Kkokdu is a high-ranking grim reaper who is the only being to exist in the underworld. Every 99 years, the cold and cruel Kkokdu must take a break from his job in the underworld and spend 49 days in the mortal realm. And this time, he winds up inhabiting the body of the human Do Jin-woo.

Im Soo-hyang

Meanwhile, Im Soo-hyang is having the busiest days ever. Recently, she appeared on SBS’ “Woori the Virgin” and was also active as the main character of MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”.

She also met viewers and showed off her charms on entertainment programs such as “Sisters Run – Witch Fitness Basketball Club”, “Busted! Season 3″…

Im Soo-hyang

In particular, Im Soo-hyang is known as a “box-office guarantee” through works such as “Gangnam Beauty”, therefore viewers’ expectations are continuing.

Im Soo-hyang, who was born in 1990 and turned 33 this year, made her debut in the entertainment industry with the 2009 movie “4th Period Mystery”.

Im Soo-hyang, who had dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood, entered the Department of Theater and Film at Chung-Ang University after graduating from Anyang Arts High School despite her parents’ opposition.

Im Soo-hyang

Despite her young age, she was often misunderstood as an “office worker” due to her tall height and premature appearance.

Since middle school, she had been told, “Aren’t you an office worker?” Even though she was only 20, many people responded that she looked like she was in her late 20s or early 30s.

Im Soo-hyang

Afterwards, suspicions of plastic surgery began to follow her due to her graduation photos released on the Internet.

In an interview, she was upset with past photos and malicious comments, saying, “I really didn’t get eye surgery. My double eyelids were naturally formed. Please take a look.” She then blinked her eyes.

In fact, if you look at Im Soo-hyang’s past photos, she boasts features and fresh looks that are not much different from now. In particular, her soft smile and sharp nose attract attention.

im soo hyang

Afterwards, Im Soo-hyang was selected as the heroine Dan Sa-ran of the drama “New Tales of Gisaeng”, which aired on SBS from 2010 to 2011, and began to show her passionate performance as well as make her face known.

In addition, she built her acting career by appearing in dramas such as “Paradise Ranch”, “Iris II: New Generation”, “Five Enough”, “Blow Breeze”, “Gangnam Beauty”, “Graceful Family”…

im soo hyang doctor lawyer

In particular, she received a lot of love by playing the role of Kang Mi-rae, who is reborn as a beauty thanks to plastic surgery, in “Gangnam Beauty”.

Im Soo-hyang’s mature appearance and plastic-surgery-like facial features rather gave her a work of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, “Season of Kkokdu” starring Im Soo-hyang began filming in August.

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