What if there is a Kpop group consisting of all girls born in 2000?

If K-pop had a girl group that all members were born in 2000, it would surely make fans excites.

K-pop is considered a tough market as it constantly eliminates and renews generations of idols.  Idols can debut at a very young age to have as the longest career as possible.

In particular, the female idols born in 2000 caught the attention of fans with their talent and beauty.  If forming a group, the following idols will be a good combination.

Yeji – multi-talented leader

What if there is a Kpop group consisting of all girls born in 2000?

Yeji is currently the leader of ITZY.  She is known as a talented idol when she can hold many different positions such as main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper.  In 2018, Yeji attracted attention when appearing on the survival show The Fan and was called JYP’s “secret weapon”.  She gained certain popularity when displaying outstanding beauty and performance skills even though she hadn’t debuted yet.

As the leader, Yeji did a good job leading ITZY.  She is recognized by netizens as the multi-talented leader in the current K-pop world.  Therefore, if there is a group consisting of only members born in 2000, Yeji deserves the position of leader.

Shuhua – top visual

Shuhua ((G) I-DLE) KBS Gayo Daechukje 20204

Holding the visual position of the group (G)I-DLE, Shuhua possesses a pure, rustic, gentle, sharp beauty that has won the hearts of many fans.  The Taiwanese female idol used to be a model before debuting as an idol.  Many photos of her bare face make the public admire because she doesn’t look too different from when she wears makeup.

In this girl group lineup, Shuhua is perfectly suited for the visual position.  Her weakness is her poor singing and dancing skills.

Lia – main vocal

What if there is a Kpop group consisting of all girls born in 2000?

Lia is considered a powerful vocalist of ITZY.  Through each comeback with the group, Lia improved and improved significantly in her voice, no longer being criticized and also became more confident.

Recently, a song that Lia covered before her debut was shared, causing anti-fans to think twice when evaluating her voice.  Lia shows thick, powerful high notes.  This proves that, the female idol is only having too little acting space in ITZY that she can’t show off her skills to the fullest.

Nancy – the center makes everyone pay attention

What if there is a Kpop group consisting of all girls born in 2000?

Nancy is a Korean-American idol known for her beauty and charisma.  From a young age, the female idol showed her artistic talent and appeared a lot in the media.  At the time of her debut with MOMOLAND, Nancy was called a “hybrid angel”.

In a group consisting of members born in 2000, Nancy is suitable for the center position.  She has the advantage of face, in terms of performance skills on stage.  However, Nancy was entangled in many controversies because of her weight gain and attitude to her seniors.  Therefore, she needs to make more efforts to perfect herself and regain the affection of the audience.

Chaeyeon – main dancer

What if there is a Kpop group consisting of all girls born in 2000?

Chaeyeon is a former member of IZ*ONE, Mnet’s project group.  Since she was a child, the female idol has been interested in singing and dancing.  Fans have favored Chaeyeon with the nickname “Feather” to describe her dancing ability as “light as a feather”.

Chaeyeon also owns a fancam that caused a storm when it got huge views after only 1 day.  In the video, she had professional troubleshooting.  When the headset fell off, the female idol quickly put it back on with one hand.  Worth mentioning, her choreography is still not late compared to the group.

Having achieved many achievements and popularity at a relatively young age, female idols born in 2000 make the audience feel admired.  If there is indeed a group born in 2000 consisting of Lia, Yeji, Shuhua, Nancy, and Chaeyeon, fans will want them to be carefully invested and build a good image for long-term activities.

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