“Professional idol” Jang Won-young who endured the pain of her injury and finished the performance despite her torn and bleeding knee

IVE Jang Won-young showed her “professional” aspect by trying to do her best until the end of the performance, even when being injured on stage.

IVE Jang Won-young has recently been involved in several controversies over her attitudes and talents. She received negative responses for her weak vocal, too-girly expressions, and poor attitude during performances. However, the center of IVE amazed many people with a completely different image.

While IVE was performing at KPOP Click Festival on January 15th, Wonyoung suddenly had an injury on stage. Although the wound was quite severe and her knee kept bleeding, Wonyoung still tried to perform until the end. She has shown such a professional attitude on stage and deserves to be complimented.

This is the part when Wonyoung got injured. It seems like her knee touched something sharp on the stage while she was performing this choreography.
jang wonyoung
It seems like the cut on her knee was quite deep as it kept bleeding 
jang wonyoung
Wonyoung was shocked and nervous when she first discovered the injury but immediately calmed down and changed her expression to continue performing as if nothing had happened.
jang wonyoung
Since IVE performed two songs in a row, Wonyoung had no time to rest and receive injury treatment. Right after the lights were turned on, she got back to her position to continue the performance.
jang wonyoung
On her way home after the show finished, Wonyoung appeared with a happy appearance as usual. She smiled brightly and waved at fans, although her hands still had some blood traces.

In addition to the comments of fans showing concern and concern about Wonyoung’s injury, her fans also left many compliments and encouragements for her. Wonyoung performed so well today.

  • Wonyoung did a great job! Proud of you.
  • She bleeds a lot but she still maintains a professional attitude and tries to finish the stage. It’s so good!
  • Even though I’m not a fan, I still admire Wonyoung in this situation.
  • Wonyoung is very professional, it’s heartbreaking to see her trying to act like nothing happened.
jang wonyoung

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