Re-debuting female idol got her first trophy faster than BLACKPINK and 100 times faster than her old group

In order to have the opportunity to re-debut, this female idol also had to go through many difficulties.

KEP1ER is a rookie whose debut attracts attention in the early days of 2022. It is not surprising that on January 13th, KEP1ER had their first victory just 10 days after debuting with “WA DA DA”. Specifically, during the second week of promotion at M!Countdown, the group surpassed IVE’sELEVEN” to win the trophy.

KEP1ER got in a burst of emotion when winning their first trophy at M!Countdown

Of course, the members couldn’t help but burst into tears at the first victory in their career. However, this is especially meaningful for leader Choi Yujin as this is the second time she debuted, thanks to which she received the trophy at a record time – 10 days.

choi yujin
Debuting in the new group KEP1ER, Yujin had her first trophy in just 10 days

Meanwhile, Yujin’s former group CLC took 1,434 days to win the first victory in their career. CLC debuted on March 19th, 2015 with the song “Pepe” and it was not until February 19th, 2019 that the group got their first win with the song “NO” on The Show.

choi yujin
In the past, it took Yujin almost 4 years to get his first trophy with CLC

By a quick calculation, Yujin really “changed her life” when re-debuting with KEP1ER as the time to win the trophy in the new group was 143 times faster than in CLC. The achievements of Yujin and KEP1ER also surpassed the popular girl group BLACKPINK’s as it took them 13 days to have their first trophy.

Top girl groups with the fastest time to win trophies at weekly music shows in Kpop:

  1. IVE – 7 days
  2. ITZY – 9 days
  3. IZ*ONE – 10 days
  4. KEP1ER – 10 days
  5. BLACKPINK – 13 days

While KEP1ER has received great support from fans after “Girls Planet 999”, CLC had a completely opposite fate. The group debuted under CUBE but faced many disadvantages from development orientation to scandals. CLC has a lot of potentials but was treated badly by CUBE.

At the show “Girls Planet 999”, Yujin confirmed that CLC had really disbanded, making fans regretful. However, Yujin didn’t give up her passion for being an idol and overcome the difficulties to continue looking for opportunities. Finally, her re-debut was highly appreciated and enthusiastically supported by fans.

Yujin in the group CLC
Currently, she has become the leader of KEP1ER with a large number of fans
MV WA DA DA – Kep1er

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