Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri perfectly digest the dizzying lingerie look – same outfits but different vibes

Youtuber FreeZia (real name Song Ji-ah), who appeared in Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno”, perfectly performed the dizzying lingerie look.

Song Ji-ah uploaded several photos on her Instagram on January 9th. In the released photos, Song Ji-ah created an extraordinary optical illusion fashion by matching a nude-tone sloth under a lace corset bustier with a skirt made of the same material.

Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri

Song Ji-ah emphasized her sexy chest line by wearing a leather harness brace boldly. She completed her outfit with fur accessories to give off a luxurious mood. Song Ji-ah added a lonely point to her appearance by releasing her long hair and wearing a cute heart-shaped hairpin with star-shaped earrings sticking tightly to her ears.

Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri

In fact, Song Ji-ah’s outfit was previously worn by Red Velvet Yeri in her photoshoot with Singapore’s fashion magazine ‘PIN PRESTIGE’. On January 4th, Yeri revealed her pictorials and behind-the-scenes photoshoot cut for “PIN PRESTIGE’ on her Instagram.

In the pictorials, Yeri was wearing a black lace bustier with a slim skirt and a leather harness brace. She boasted her slender neck and shoulder lines with her long hair neatly raised and tied. She completed the outfit with long boots to hide the silhouette of her legs.

Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri

While Song Ji-ah wore black fur accessories on her arms, Yeri decided to omit it to emphasize her skinny upper body.  The costumes worn by Song Ji-ah and Yeri are from the fashion brand Gucci.

Song Ji-ah’s outfit includes a transparent black lace, a corset with nude-tone cloth, a skirt with a removable nude inner, and a brown leather harness brace. The corset cost 1.8 million won, the skirt 2.7 million won, and the leather brace 2.02 million won.

Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri

Song Ji-ah and Yeri both wore a lace see-through skirt and a nude-tone underskirt, while the model on the runway omitted the underskirt, showing an exceptional fashion that exposes underwear product and leg lines. Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah is a famous Youtuber who is active under the name “FreeZia” and has recently gained 1.55 million subscribers.

Song Ji-ah X Red Velvet Yeri

Song Ji-ah became a “hot girl” after receiving votes from 3 out of 5 male cast members on Netflix’s entertainment program “Single’s Inferno”. She drew attention most of the time with her splendid appearance and cool personality. Among Kim Hyun-joong, Cha Hyun-seunug and Choi Si-hoon, Song Ji-ah decided to choose Kim Hyun-joong as her final choice.

Yeri’s group Red Velvet recently decorated the stage of “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@GWANGYA” on January 1st.


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