BTS Jimin took the 1st place, V took the 2nd, list of star netizens want to see the New Year’s sunrise with in 2023 unveiled

Jimin, a member of the group BTS, showed overwhelming popularity.

From December 19 to December 25, the survey ‘Which star would you like to celebrate the dawn of the new year 2023 with?’ was conducted. In the survey, Jimin took the lead with 55,243 votes out of a total of 125,425 votes (44% of the votes).

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The second place was taken by V, a member of BTS, who received 42,279 votes (approximately 34% of the vote). Followed by Lee Solomon (9960 votes), Eun Ga-eun (3207 votes), Ha Dong-yeon (2204 votes), Jeon Yu-jin (2107 votes), Park Seong-yeon (2061 votes), BTS RM (1738 votes), Hongja (1475 votes) ), Twice (1328 votes), fromis_9 (1168 votes), IU (677 votes), Kang Hye-yeon (638 votes), Suzy (494 votes), IVE (216 votes), Seventeen (205 votes), Rocket Punch ( 190 votes), NewJeans (110 votes), Kwon Eun-bi (80 votes), and Kim Woo-seok (45 votes).

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The results of the survey can be checked in the idol chart ‘POLL’ menu. Currently, a survey is underway with the theme of ‘Which star looks good in Hanbok?’

Meanwhile, BTS, a group that Jimin belongs to, is currently focusing on individual activities.

Source: naver

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