The biggest plot hole in “Reborn Rich” has to do with Song Joong Ki’s appearance?

Alongside Song Joong Ki’s recent dating news, the finale of his K-drama “Reborn Rich” has also been the talk of town. While the series is praised for having decent writing and plot, its ending is causing a lot of controversies, with viewers debating on one particular plot hole. 

song joong ki reborn rich
Song Joong Ki in “Reborn Rich”

First of all, in the 16th episode of “Reborn Rich”, Song Joong Ki appeared as both the 20-ish Hyun Woo, who leads a difficult life, and as the 40-ish Hyun Woo, who barely escaped death and is trying to overthrow the Jin family. Despite being around 20 years old apart, Hyun Woo looks exactly the same, with no changes except for his wardrobe and hairstyle. At this, many complained that the styling department could have at least made Song Joong Ki look a little more mature and ruggish while playing the over-40 Hyun Woo. 

song joong ki reborn rich
Hyun Woo in 2004. 
song joong ki reborn rich
And Hyun Woo 20 years later, who look exactly the same 

However, the biggest plot hole has to do with Song Joong Ki’s other character, Do Jun. As this character died, an image was put up on his tomb, showing Song Joong Ki’s face. In addition, in the original timeline (where Hyun Woo was not reborn into Do Jun), Do Jun still bears the appearance of Song Joong Ki. Therefore, Do Jun and Hyun Woo are basically each other’s doppelganger, but no other character ever realized this despite all of their interactions. 

Regarding this, some people believe that while the two characters are different in the original timeline, they use the same actor to make it easier to understand. However, other audiences propose a lot of theories, claiming that this left a lot of questions unanswered. 

song joong ki reborn rich
The image of Do Jun’s on his tomb

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