Only G-Dragon stayed in YG, can BIGBANG come together as one?

BIGBANG members left YG Entertainment one after another, leaving only G-Dragon.

On the 27th, YG told Star News, “Daesung has terminated his contract and is seeking a new start. The fact that Daesung is a member of BIGBANG remains unchanged, and we will support Daesung’s new start and choice, and cooperate with him at any time.”


On the previous day, on the 26th, it was announced through an official press release that Taeyang would not renew his contract with YG and would be working as an artist under The Black Label. Prior to the release of the single Still Life in February, T.O.P terminated his exclusive contract with YG.

Regarding G-Dragon, who is the only one whose direction has not been confirmed, he said, “We are discussing a solo contract.” However, it seems highly likely that G-Dragon will renew his contract with YG.

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BIGBANG reorganized the team into a 4-member group after Seungri, the main culprit of ‘Burning Sun Gate’, left. There were many twists and turns until the comeback, but ‘Still Life’ proved BIGBANG’s soundness by all-killing the music charts right after its release.

Although BIGBANG has proven its reputation, it is unknown when the next group activity will be. The three members who left the agency are engaged in activities in various fields.

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T.O.P, who left the team first, chose to stand alone and focus on the wine business. In addition, in 2023, it is scheduled to participate in Dear Moon, a civilian lunar tourism project. Taeyang, who has settled in The Black Label, is preparing his solo album. Daesung is actively engaged in ‘solo activity’ through YouTube ‘D’splay’.

Although they are going their separate ways, it is not impossible for them to form a complete BIGBANG. The members of BIGBANG and YG Entertainment revealed their desire to promote as a complete group while announcing the termination of their contracts. There is also a precedent in which senior idol groups such as god and Shinhwa, as well as Kara, who recently made a comeback, returned as a complete group after going their separate ways.

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In particular, The Black Label, where Taeyang has newly built its nest, is a related company to YG. This means that it is easier to coordinate opinions in the process of preparing for the comeback. Above all, it all depends on the will of the members. Attention is focused on whether the four members will be able to unite again.

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