This actress confessed her crush on Kim Jong Kook since middle school, surprising everyone

According to this actress, she decided to appear on her first variety show because of her crush on Kim Jong Kook since middle school.

Actress Kwak Sun Young appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House”, which is scheduled to air on December 28th, and revealed her affection for Kim Jong Kook as a fan.

Kwak Sun Young, who makes her first appearance on an entertainment show in her 16-year career, pointed to Kim Jong Kook as the reason she wanted to show up on “Problem Child in House”. The actress shared, “I’ve been a fan of Turbo since I was in middle school. I collected cassette tapes from their first album, made placards, and went to concerts”, adding “I was really nervous before coming here today. I listened to Turbo’s song this morning”. It is said that Kim Jong Jook got embarrassed due to the enthusiasm of his fan. Kim Jong Kook then performed a medley of Turbo hits on the filming set for his “real fan” Kwak Sun Young.

Kwak Sun Young, who received huge love for her energetic and lovely appearance in the drama “Hospital Playlist”, aroused keen attention when confessing that she did not know she would pass the audition. She shared, “This character should have a good sense of humor. I wondered if I could be funny, so I thought I would fail the audition”. Drawing curiosity by revealing that she was famous for her “energy drink” advertisement even before appearing in the drama, the actress said, “Director Shin Won Ho said he enjoyed watching my CF”, surprising everyone. She added, “I think it’s because I came out in the CF naturally without hairstyle and makeup”.

kwak sun young

For her role in “Hospital Playlist,” she also drew attention by revealing that her “acting teacher” was comedian Lee Soo Geun. Talking about her “flashy dove” moment that went viral after the scene went on air, Kwak Sun Young said, “Director Shin Won Ho sent me a video of Lee Soo Geun flying a napkin in an entertainment show for reference. I practiced so hard that I just did it on auto-pilot whenever I took out tissues at home. I showed the trick to my husband and practiced until he said it was funny,” she said, drawing interest.

Meanwhile, when asked about her husband’s reaction to her adult kiss scene (?) with Noh Sang Hyun in the recently popular drama “Behind Every Star,” she laughingly shared how her husband pretended to be cool, saying, “My husband usually monitors my acting works, but after that particular episode, he sent me a lot of laughing messages.” When asked what she would do if she was cast for a work that includes bed scenes, she said, “I will just tell my husband that I wouldn’t do it,” showing off her extraordinary affection by being considerate of her husband.

Source: Daum

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