Viewers shocked at the unexpected ending of “King the Land” episode 5, “I could never imagine that he would do it”

Episode 5 of “King the Land” ended with Lee Jun Ho rescuing Im Yoon Ah from a crisis in an unimaginable way.

The July 1st broadcast of JTBC’s “King the Land” showed Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho) starting to flirt with Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah).

As the head of King Hotel, Goo Won prepared a birthday gift for Cheon Sa Rang using the excuse of employee welfare. It was the way Goo Won expressed his towards Cheon Sa Rang. As Goo Won tried his best to approach Cheon Sa Rang, their relationship developed a little.

king the land

However, Goo Won caused a conflict as he misunderstood Cheon Sa Rang’s actions. He thought Cheon Sa Rang’s phone call to a VIP was her way to gain incentives.

Following the instructions of his sister Goo Hwa Ran (Kim Sun Young) Goo Won bet a day’s allowance and sent the hotel staff to all the areas of King Hotel’s customers. As a result, Cheon Sa Rang ended up going to the most dangerous place and went missing.

Cheon Sa Rang fell off a cliff and injured her leg. She shouted, “Save me”, but no one answered so she began to cry out of fear. Cheon Sa Rang exclaimed, “Am I going to die here today?”.

king the land

As it was difficult for a rescue team to come due to rain, Goo Won discovered Cheon Sa Rang under the cliff when he arrived in a helicopter. Without hesitation, Goo Won suddenly jumped out of the helicopter. Witnessing this, Cheon Sa Rang also got startled and moved aside to avoid his jump.

The unexpected ending of this episode drew explosive reactions from viewers. Netizens also commented, “I could never imagine that he would jump”, “I think he should go to act for Marvel right now”, “Did it help after he jumped?”, “He came to save her but it’s so funny that he just jumped in”, etc.

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