“The Red Sleeve” viewership ratings soar to another all-time high ahead of final episodes

The Red Sleeve surpassed its own highest ratings once again.

As reported by Nielsen Korea on December 26, episode 14 of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve”, which aired on December 25, recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 13.0%. The highest real-time rating was boosted to 15.6%.

Episode 15, which was broadcast on the same day, broke its own highest rating with a nationwide rating of 14.3%. The highest rating soared to 14.9%.

the red sleeve

In episodes 14 and 15, the relationship between Yi San (Lee Jun Ho) and Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young) faces a crisis along with the runaway of Hong Deok Ro (Kang Hoon).

Due to political pressure, Deok Ro’s sister Won Bin (Park Seo Kyung) becomes Yi San’s concubine. However, Won Bin is unable to adjust to palace life. Shen then dies suddenly. 

lee jun ho

Deok Im goes out to find her fellow court ladies after they go missing due to Deok Ro’s arrangement. After learning about Deok Ro’s selfish schemes, Deok Im asks for help from Queen Jeongsun (Jang Hee Jin) without telling Yi San, as Deok Ro is Yi San’s closest aide.

Yi San gets mad at Deok Im for not waiting for him and trying to get Queen Jeongsun involved, and Deok Im is furious with Yi San for using his comrade’s life politically.

In the end, Deok Im is released from the palace, and Deok Ro steps down from his position. A year later, Hong Hye Bin (Kang Mal Geum) invites Deok Im to the palace. Yi San and Deok Im then reunite and share an emotional embrace. 

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