Don Mills’s wife exploded with anger because “illegal filming” rapper Bassagong pressed ‘like’ on her SNS post

A, the wife of rapper Don Mills, raged at Bassagong’s shameless behavior.

On November 7th, A uploaded a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Does it make sense…?”.

The released photo shows a DM (direct message) conversation between a netizen and Bassagong. The netizen sent Bassagong a screenshot of him pressing ‘like’ on A’s post and said “Hyung, be careful next time. Don’t press ‘like’ by mistake…”. After reading the message, Bassagong replied, “Okay;;”.

Upon seeing this, A angrily said, “You’ve always been peaking me and pressing like on my post like this…? You should’ve spent that time making a proper apology… Pay for the damage you caused to me and my husband… Our father, who is receiving treatment for cancer, called me and cried because he kept worrying about me. My husband and I are getting psychiatric treatment once a week. What should I do with the loss of tens of millions of wons in lawyer’s fees for you to turn yourself in?”.

Don Mills

In particular, the post that Bassagong liked was the one in which A confessed the pain and sorrow that she suffered after revealing A’s illegal filming crime. 

In this regard, A raged, “Why do you keep crossing the line…? Is it fun to live like that? Okay???? Can you just pretend to be reflecting on yourself???”.

Many netizens also got frustrated at Bassagong’s attitude. They reacted, “I’m just speechless”, “He’s so shameless. Why is he making the victim suffer more?”, “This guy is the worst”, “Is this what you call hip-hop swag?”, etc. However, some Internet users defended Bassagong and had a war of words with A.

Don Mills wife

Meanwhile, Don Mills’s wife A revealed that she suffered damage due to rapper Bassagong’s illegal filming in May. As the controversy intensified, Bassagong apologized, saying “I’m sorry for causing a stir. I would like to apologize for the part I did wrong and reflect on myself”. In the same month, he personally came to the police station for the investigation. Bassagong has been sent to the prosecution on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Crimes (filming and distributing illegal content using cameras, etc.).

dj doc lee ha neul girlfriend

However, when the controversy first broke out, DJ DOC Lee Ha Neul, CEO of Bassagong’s agency, explained, “He already made an official apology a year ago and I thought the case was over”, adding “I don’t know why they have to bring it up again. Don Mills (the victim’s husband) was also there when both sides made an agreement.”

On November 6th, he continued to respond to A’s additional revelation, saying “Why are you doing this every time you spread false information? Stop lying and being an attention seeker”. In addition, he also announced his plan to take legal action against malicious comments. 

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