“The Nation’s first love” Suzy thanked fans for their birthday gifts, “Thank you, Suweeties”

Suzy has just posted her reply to the love of fans.

On October 10th, singer-actress Suzy uploaded two photos on her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, my Suweeties♥ I already got more strength, so I should continue with the shooting. I also saw all the events.”

suzy 10102021 1

In the released photos, Suzy is surrounded by gifts sent by fans. She took these pictures to prove that she had already received them. Moreover, Suzy’s pure beauty shines while she is smiling with her dogs in her arms. The way she expressed her gratitude to fans, who sent many gifts in celebration of her birthday, makes netizens feel touched by her warmth.

suzy 10102021 12

Meanwhile, Suzy’s upcoming movie “Wonderland” has been scheduled to be released soon. “Wonderland” tells a story of the reunions with family members and lovers who passed away through video calls.

Source: Nate

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