TWICE were so engrossed in singing encore that they forgot the time, a staff ranting to put away the props as soon as the music ended

TWICE didn’t expect this as they were singing so passionately.

On February 27th, TWICE had the last concert to close the US concert tour. Because it was the last show, the whole group was very hyped up. Normally, on the encore stage, they only sing one song to say goodbye to fans and then end the concert. But TWICE kept clinging and sang a medley of 7 songs, and then stopped.

Others just sing an encore song for more than 3 minutes, TWICE sang 7 songs for more than 30 minutes
At the end, they still greeted fans with a smile and full of energy

Although TWICE were having the time of their life, the staff were restless. A staff member watched TWICE sing one song after another while glancing helplessly at the watch. When the music stopped, TWICE stopped singing and went to greet the fans, and immediately from behind the scenes, this staff member rushed to the stage to quickly put away the props. This staff member who had to wait for half an hour must have been impatient, so as soon as the stage finished, he ran to quickly clean up and go home.

This reaction of the staff brought everyone a good laugh. Indeed, with any kind of job, we all just want to quickly get off work.


Nah because this was the funniest shit he kept checking his watch after the third encore song 😭 #twice #twice_tiktok_official #twiceinnewyork #kpop

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Viral reaction of staff in TWICE concert
TWICE is greeting fans in the front but everyone’s attention is put on the silhouette of someone behind.
twice's staff
Turns out it’s the staff member who can’t wait to get off work, quickly cleaning up the props 
  • Staff sent a signal: SOS
  • TWICE: encore 7 songs and still show signs of continuing. Staff: STOP STOP STOP I WANT TO GO HOME
  • The staff’s mind must be screaming: “Finish work! Finish work! Finish work! Go home!”.
  • If he didn’t take it away, the staff and fans might have been locked up in the stadium.
  • When it’s time to go home but your boss hasn’t stood up.
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