The reason why “Limit” Lee Jung Hyun said she was more heartbroken after becoming a mother

Actress Lee Jung-hyun recently mentioned how she feels motherly love more deeply after welcoming her child to this world.

Director Lee Seung-joon, actors Moon Jung-hee, Jin Seo-yeon, Park Myung-hoon, Choi Deok-moon, and Park Kyung-hye attended the press preview of “Limit.”

Lee Jung-hyun said at the press preview of the movie “Limit” (director Lee Seung-joon) at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Hangang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on April 5th, “I think I’ll go crazy if such an incident happens.”

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“I became more empathetic, and I didn’t feel 100% of a mother’s feelings because the movie was filmed before I was pregnant, but I expected that and filmed my scenes while imagining it,” she recalled.

She also said, “The emotions I filmed then are similar to the feelings I have now, but I think the emotions I have now will be much stronger,” adding, “It’s so heartbreaking to watch this movie as a mother. I think that’s what every mother would feel about this movie.”

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Lee Jung-hyun reportedly pulled off the action scenes without a stand-in. “I think it’s a Korean version of ‘Taken’. Because it’s a movie that shows maternal love, I always thought in my head that my child was kidnapped to show the image of a mother running for her child until the end,” she explained.

She shared, “I fell deep into my acting, so I acted without knowing that I was hurt even when I got injured. Like ‘Taken,’ I repeated how my motherhood would be triggered and I had to find my child, so it doesn’t matter if I had bruises and a lot of wounds on my legs. The result rewarding after the shoot.”

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“I filmed the rolling scene in the mountains for about three days. I got a lot of confirmation from the director. The actors who worked with me were also good at acting, so I was less in pain because I was so immersed in acting,” she said with a smile.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “I always trained my physical stamina before entering this work, so I had a lot of fun and rewarding shooting rather than having a hard time.”

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“Limit” is a crime thriller in which So-eun (Lee Jung-hyun), a police officer of the Department of Life Safety, suddenly receives a mysterious call while solving a case, turning her life upside down.

Meanwhile, the movie “Limit” will be released on August 31st.

Source: wikitree

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