BLACKPINK will take over BTS’ leading position in Kpop, said Korean media 

As BTS enters their 2nd phase with less group activities, a Korean media believe that BLACKPINK will seize the top position

As of the moment, BTS and BLACKPINK boast the most outstanding achievements among the Kpop industry, and are neck-to-neck on various charts and award ceremonies. 

It is simply impossible to refute the popularity and influence of the two groups on both international and Korean grounds, even outside the realm of music. For BTS, however, they have just entered a new phase with less focus on group activities and an approaching mandatory military service. 

With BTS serving and leaving their position empty, it’s likely that another group will take over the Kpop scene, and YTN News believe that BLACKPINK is a prime candidate. According to the media outlet, the YG girl group has style, talent, and immense impact. 

Unlike BTS, who have already experienced their golden era, BLACKPINK has more grounds to grow, said YTN News. They also added, “BLACKPINK has a distinctive color, confidence, and worldwide perspective. They have great voices, dancing skills, and insane physiques. They also have ample benefits in foreign markets and receive love from all over the world, and is a miraculous existence.”

The news site also pointed out the differences between the music of BTS and BLACKPINK. While BTS’ music focuses on relatability and healing, BLACKPINK wins over the audience’s heart with their intense music that combines the old and new. 

In their latest comeback with the full album “BORN PINK”. BLACKPINK has taken over the international market by storm. Both their pre-release single “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” landed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while the album “BORN PINK” helped BLACKPINK to become the first Kpop girl group to ever conquered the Billboard 200 chart. Even the world-famous music streaming platform Spotify witnessed BLACKPINK at the top of their rankings. 

In August and September of 2022 – when BLACKPINK released new music, they ranked 1st on Korea’s brand reputation ranking for artists, surpassing BTS, Lim Young Woong, and various other famous names. In addition, all BLACKPINK members are global ambassadors for famous and luxury brands, helping to transcend the group’s name to around the world. 

The fact that BLACKPINK do not need to complete military service puts them at a more advantageous ground compared to BTS. BLACKPINK is already writing a new history for Kpop”, YTN News commented. 

As it is unlikely for BTS to get exempted from Korea’s mandatory military service, there are high possibilities that another group will rise to the top – and BLACKPINK is the strongest candidate. 

Source: yan

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