LE SSERAFIM boasted surprising live vocals, but Kim Garam still embroiled in controversies?

Netizens say HYBE is still obsessed with Kim Garam’s position in LE SSERAFIM

Recently, HYBE Labels’ new girl group LE SSERAFIM debuted with their first mini album called “FEARLESS”. During their promotions for this new release, the group has appeared on the famous program “It’s Live”, produced by MDR music. This is a large stage that previously starred many senior Kpop artists. 

In the program, LE SSERAFIM challenged themselves by singing live with a band instead of using music backtrack like on music shows. 

LE SSERAFIM sang “FEARLESS” completely live. 

The group brought to the stage a live version of “FEARLESS”, and managed to blow the audience away with their perfect vocal abilities. They managed to sing live clearly and resoundingly, all the while dancing and moving to the beat of their music. 

Le Sserafim
The youngest member Eunchae boasted the cutest expressions. She is expected to be one of the most powerful maknae in Kpop gen 4. 
Le Sserafim
Scandal-filled Kim Garam performed with great confidence. Fans also can’t help but pay attention to Kazuha and Yunjin’s interactions. 
Le Sserafim
Kazuha rapped clearly despite being a foreign member. Regarded as an outstanding visual, her fancam views are also going through the group.
Le Sserafim
Source Music (subsidiary of HYBE) still put Kim Garam in the center despite controversies. 

Under the video of this live performance are plenty of mixed reactions. While some complimented the group for their ability to sing live, others expressed regrets at HYBE’s poor media crisis management. According to them, they can’t support LE SSERAFIM until HYBE resolved all the surrounding controversies. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Kazuha and Yunjin had the best energy, they are just the funniest and brightest duo and the sun of the group.
  • So proud of Sakura’s stable singing
  • See, this proves that you don’t need heavy music or high notes to draw attention. I really admire how this group shines.
  • This is just insane and Yunjin totally slayed.
  • Basically, this is HYBE saying “See how talented our artists are?”
  • Had it not been for the scandals I would have already stan. Hello Source Music when will you actually work?
  • Why does Kim Garam get to be the center in the final part? She even covered some of the members.
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