Park Yoo-chun’s return work “On The Edge” will be broadcast on the small screen instead of in cinemas

“On The Edge”, which draws attention as Park Yoo-chun’s comeback movie, will eventually air on the small screen instead of the big screen.

According to a report by Sports Today on October 19th, the movie “On The Edge”, starring Park Yoo-chun, will be released through IPTV and VOD services instead of a theater premiere. The release date is around next week.

On The Edge

“On The Edge”, which was originally planned to premiere in mid-October, was expected to be a theater release, but the situation seems to have been too difficult for the production team to do so.

The movie distributor expressed their willingness to make a cinema release through a report on Sports Today in September, but they eventually failed to make it to the big screen.

However, the promotional schedule was kept the same as the initial promotion preparation for the theater premiere. When a new movie is introduced, the director and lead actors normally have to do media press conferences, interviews, and stage greetings as promotional activities, but “On The Edge” team set their own promotional schedule from the beginning.

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Some believe that it is the aftermath of controversies surrounding the main character actor Park Yoo-chun. “On The Edge” aroused public interest as Park Yoo-chun’s first comeback film in 7 years but at the same time had to receive negative reactions due to the noisy issues he caused.

In addition, Park Yoo-chun is known to have applied for the cancelation of the ban on activities filed by his former agency in September, a month before the movie release, but was rejected, making it impossible for him to engage in any domestic activity. This is such a fatal blow to a movie that is right ahead of its premiere.

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The most difficult thing in this issue is the gaze of people in the film industry. As the controversies surrounding Park Yoo-chun have been highlighted since the movie release announcement, the work has already been neglected by the public. It is because attention is now focused on the scandals rather than the work itself. 

Earlier, Park Yoo-chun denied the charges of taking methamphetamine, claiming his retirement. However, he eventually admitted to the charges and caused a stir. He later became an “issue maker” by causing another controversy over his management contracts.

On The Edge

On top of that, although Park Yoo-chun’s ambitious comeback failed on his own, it is such a nuisance to those who prepared the work together with him. Attention is focused on whether “On The Edge”, which decided the small screen as its best option at the moment, will be able to achieve meaningful results despite the appearance of the controversial main actor.

“On The Edge” is a hard-boiled melo movie that tells about two people, Taehong (Park Yoo-chun), a man who loses everything in an instant, and Hongdan (Lee Jin-ri), a woman who has nothing to lose from the beginning, facing each other’s life at the end of the abyss. 

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