Reasons why Korean TV channels are changing their drama schedules 

New episodes of JTBC drama “The One and Only” and more will be broadcast sooner or later than previously scheduled.

The One and Only

Is it because of poor ratings that JTBC decided to broadcast the 15th and 16th episodes of the Monday-Tuesday drama “The One and Only” consecutively on February 8th? Viewers will be able to binge watch the last two episodes of “The One and Only,” which previously aired at 11 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10 p.m on this day. However, this decision doesn’t seem to have been made in order to satisfy the drama’s fans, but to end the drama which has a 0.x% viewer ratings a week earlier.

This speculation was made because there have been several “neglect controversies” over dramas’ broadcasting schedules. Its ratings might be low, but the value and meaningful messages of the drama remains plentiful. However, there have been many opinions criticizing the stations for not re-broadcasting these kinds of dramas, thanks to which several dramas have had the chance to return recently. However, these dramas attract low attention because they are broadcast in the dawn or morning hours.

The One and Only

Recently, it is true that terrestrial channels’ dramas have not been broadcast overall due to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In particular, most of the terrestrial broadcasting stations that broadcast the Olympics have postponed their drama broadcasts. MBC’s “Tracer” announced that it will return to Part 2 on February 25th after completing Part 1, and SBS’s “The Readers of Evil Heart” also announced that it will wrap up Part 1 with the sixth episode and return to Part 2 on February 25th. KBS “Moonshine” was canceled for a week during the Chuseok holiday, and the 7th was also canceled due to the Olympics. Instead, the drama will air the 13th and 14th episodes on February 8th.

It is regrettable for drama viewers that dramas on terrestrial broadcasting channels will be canceled due to the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is doubtful that the viewers’ interest in the Olympics, which is still a national sports event, is still the same compared to how it was in the past. However, it is true that these broadcast cancellations will have a negative effect on dramas that are doing well. Nevertheless, since the terrestrial broadcasting platforms are naturally public, drama cancelations due to broadcasts of a national sports event like the Olympics are understandable to some extent.

The One and Only

However, in the case of cable and full-length channels, which are not affected by the Olympics broadcasts, the situation is bound to be different in organizing arrangements, such as canceling dramas or airing consecutive broadcasts. In fact, tvN announced that the drama “Bulgasal” would air and end normally regardless of the Olympics season. Moreover, JTBC also stated that they would organize and broadcast episodes 19 and 20 of the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Artificial City” on February 9th and February 10th, respectively, as scheduled.

But why was “The One and Only” canceled on Monday and aired consecutively on Tuesday? You will understand the reason if you watch “Sing Again 2” at 9 P.M on February 7th. In the process of attracting the viewers’ attention and regaining their interest in “Sing Again 2”, which had been canceled for a week due to the Chuseok holiday, “The One and Only” was organized to be aired in the next day.

Sing Again 2

Of course, this could be an advantageous plan for “The One and Only”. However, some people doubt whether “The One and Only” broadcasts would have been reorganized like this if they recorded good ratings like “Artificial City”. Anyway, if it is a planned drama, shouldn’t they pay at least a little attention to “The One and Only”, even if only a small number of viewers watch the drama and it has poor ratings? This is so disappointing. 

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