Korean Stars Recently Caught in Groundless Dating Rumors and How They Respond

Recently, various K-celebrities are suffering from baseless online dating rumors.

As most have responded that the rumors are not true, fans are asking for urgent measures to counter the spread of false rumors.

On August 21st, dating rumors between (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and Moon Sehoon, known for his appearance on Netflix’s dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’, emerged. These rumors began circulating through photos that were shared on online communities.

jeon soyeon moon sehoon

The photos depicted Soyeon and Moon Sehoon shopping together at a department store. Soyeon’s agency immediately denied the dating rumors, “They went shopping together due to their friendship, they are not in a romantic relationship.”

Moon Sehoon’s agency also stated, “They are just close friends. If they were really dating, would they casually stroll around a department store like that? They coincidentally went shopping for clothes together.”

Momoland Jane, Seventeen Joshua thumbnail

On August 19th, MOMOLAND’s Jane addressed rumors that had spread online about her being SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s ex-girlfriend.

Aware of this rumor circulating for a while, Jane said, “Throughout my career in the entertainment industry, I’ve never met him in private or even near acquaintances. There’s no connection between us at all. I don’t understand why these rumors persist from that time till now. I know nothing about it.

She expressed her frustration, “At that time, the company received numerous calls from fans, leading to misunderstandings. I dislike the fact that misunderstandings can arise. I’m speaking out of frustration and injustice.

lim young woong

Last month, trot singer Lim Young woong and former SISTAR member Soyou were engulfed in dating suspicions due to overlapping schedules. A Jeju Island restaurant claimed the two visited on the same day and shared photos, sparking speculation that they were together.

Responding to the various speculations, Soyou’s agency said, “They coincidentally crossed paths, there is no romantic relationship between them.”

Lim Youngwoong addressed the issue during a live broadcast, explaining, “I came to Jeju Island to have fun and enjoy good food with Jo Youngsoo.”

Furthermore, in February, Oh My Girl’s Arin and NCT’s Mark were caught in dating rumors due to similar backgrounds in their Instagram photos. “Business Proposal” co-stars Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong were also swept up in rumors of a trip together.

Source: Wikitree.

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