tvN’s Top 10 dramas with highest viewership ratings of all time: Will Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s co-starred drama be able to secure its position at the top?

A new name just broke into the top 10 of the dramas with the highest viewership ratings by tvN.

10. 100 Days My Prince


With the highest viewership rating of 14.4%, “100 Days My Prince” laid the groundwork for many new and emerging stars at the time such as Do Kyung Soo, Kim Seon Ho and Han So Hee. The story of how a prince loses his memory and lives with commoners was a fan-favorite once.

9. Our Blues

our blue

“Our Blues” won over the viewers with an unbelievably warm storyline and subsequently achieved the highest viewership rating of 14.6% during its course of broadcast. The drama gathered a stellar cast and was the return drama of Kim Woo Bin. Together, they painted a poetic photo of a seaside village and warm stories within the place.

8. Vincenzo


“Vicenzo” earned a place in the list as a drama starring Song Joong Ki with a 14.6% rating nationwide and 16.5% rating in Seoul. The mafia drama brought a dark and gloomy atmosphere filled with suspense, opening up a new page in Song Joong Ki’s acting repertoire.

7. Under the Queen’s Umbrella

under the qeen

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” was a sensational drama of 2022 with the highest rating reaching 16.9%. This was one of the two successful works taken up by Kim Hye Soo, with the other being “Juvenile Justice.”

6. Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance

“Crash Course in Romance” managed to break into ranks despite being released very recently. Telling a touching love story of two seemingly unrelated characters played by Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho, the drama wrapped up with the highest rating of 17%.

5. Mr. Queen

mr qeen

“Mr. Queen” is a ride full of laughter, gaining the highest rating of 17.4% throughout its run. Shin Hye Sun’s witty yet sharp performance combined with the dorky image of Kim Jung Hyun keep viewers glued to the screen until the end.

4. Mr. Sunshine

mr sunshine

Thanks to the wonderful, overflowing chemistry between Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri in “Mr. Sunshine,” the drama received the highest rating of a whopping 18.1% by telling a heart-wrenching and beautiful love story.

3. Goblin


The grip “Goblin” had in 2016 was undeniable. As a result, the drama series starring Gong Yoo was able to receive the highest rating of 18.4% throughout its airing.

2. Reply 1988

reply 1988

The third installment of the “Reply” series, “Reply 1988” still receives frequent visits of the audience until this day. Nostalgic setting, humane messages as well as relatable stories allow the family drama to achieve a jaw-dropping rating 18,8%, the highest during its course of broadcast.

1. Crash Landing on You


“Crash Landing on You” maintains its place at the top. Telling a love story that goes across the borders, the drama received the highest rating of 21,7%. The drama was the only one by tvN that crossed the 20% milestone and even brought Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin closer to each other.

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