Park Ju Hyun’s side denied rumors of her dating NCT Tae Yong: “Just close friends”

Actress Park Ju Hyun of “The Forbidden Marriage” denied rumors that she is in a romantic relationship with NCT Tae Yong.

On Jan 12th, an official at 935 Entertainment, Park Ju Hyun‘s agency, told Star News, “The rumor is completely groundless,” regarding the claim that the actress is dating NCT member Tae Yong. “She is just a close friends with NCT Tae Yong,” they affirmed.

NCT taeyong Park Ji hyun

Earlier today, rumors of a romantic relationship between Park Ju Hyun and Tae Yong surfaced through an online community. Some netizens raised rumors that they are dating based on Park Ju Hyun’s review on her SNS after watching the NCT concert and the deduction that Park Ju Hyun and Tae Yong enjoy playing games together from Tae Yong’s game account.

In response to these speculations, Park Ju Hyun’s side said, “Park Ju Hyun has gone to see other singers’ concerts and left proof shots before as well. About the game account, he is her close friend, so they play together.

Meanwhile, Park Ju Hyun is currently starring in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Forbidden Marriage.’ NCT 127, to which Tae Yong belongs, will release their 4th full-album repackage “Ay-Yo” on Jan 30th.

Source: Star News

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