“Who do you think you are to get TWICE Sana’s autograph?”… The story of when Sung Si-kyung got drunk and frustrated 

Sung Si-kyung drew attention as he told the story of when he got angry.

On May 3rd, a video titled, “Sung Si-kyung is going to eat, beef soup with Moon Cheon-shik”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel “SUNG SI KYUNG”.

Comedian Moon Cheon-shik appeared as a guest in this content. The two recalled the memory of when they met in Osaka in the past. Moon Cheon-shik said to Sung Si-kyung, “People at Si-kyung’s Japanese agency kept asking me, ‘Is Sung Si-kyung famous in Korea?’. I felt so sad and upset since I couldn’t speak Japanese. Why don’t you tell them that you’re famous?”

sung si kyung

Sung Si-kyung humbly said, “It’s nothing too special. You have to succeed with your skills”. He added, “I talked about it several times when I was drunk”, mentioning an anecdote from the past.

sung si kyung

Sung Si-kyung said, “I have a friend who is working part-time in Izakaya, Japan and loves TWICE a lot. He really likes Sana, almost like his faith”, adding, “I was drunk. I told him, ‘I’ll get her autograph for you’, and that friend said, ‘Who are you to get TWICE Sana’s autograph?’. I was a little stunned to the point I almost cried. Then I said, ‘Uncle is a famous singer in Korea. She’s my junior so I can get her autograph if I ask her’”.


Sung Si-kyung revealed that he delivered that friend a signed CD through his manager. Moon Cheon-shik said, “That friend must have cried a lot”. Sung Si-kyung added, “I met TWICE Sana at a year-end awards ceremony. I said, ‘Sana, thank you for the signed CD’, but she didn’t remember it”. 

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