The reason why G-Dragon turned his back to the reporters when appearing at the airport recently

It’s been a long time since G-Dragon showed up in a public place like the airport but reporters were angry because they could only take photos of his back.

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon left for Paris, France to attend the Chanel Cruise 2022/23 Show through Incheon International Airport on the evening of May 3rd.


G-Dragon got off the luxury car and stood in front of the reporters while waiting for the signal to cross the road. He made a hand gesture to thank a fan who broke the noise of reporters’ camera sound and shouted “I love you” loudly.

Then G-Dragon suddenly turned his back to the reporters. He was looking in the direction of the parking lot on the opposite side where there was no one. For the convenience of airport users, it was a short but seems to be a long time for exciting reporters, who could only stand outside the airport, to take photos of celebrities. After G-Dragon turned around, the signal changed so he began to cross the road.

Only then did the reporters start flocking the shutter passionately, not missing the moment to capture the most beautiful pictures of G-Dragon. It is because the opportunity to take photos of G-Dragon on cameras would be over once he crossed the other side of the road. 

However, there was another problem. G-Dragon was dazed because of the camera’s flashes surrounding him while crossing half the way so he closed his eyes and lowered his head to avoid them.

Many reporters voiced disappointment because of G-Dragon’s action since they had waited for him for such a long time. Why did he turn his back to the reporters? His behavior could be understood after looking through several press photos. It might be because G-Dragon was trying to show the luxury backpack on his back and promote the brand.

It was so sad for reporters as G-Dragon did not wave or pose toward their cameras, but the scene when he did the hand gesture to greet the fans who shouted “I love you” remained memorable.

▲ G-Dragon appeared as he got off a luxury car
▲ He was walking out to the crossing way, showing off his cool fashion
▲ Immediately when hearing fans shouted “I love you”, he put his hands together to express his gratitude
▲ G-Dragon suddenly turned his back to the reporters. It seems like he was trying to promote the backpack of a luxury brand at the airport in a natural way
▲ He closed his eyes when surrounded by reporters’ camera flashes
▲ He crossed the road with his head facing down
▲ G-Dragon’s short and unfortunate airport scene has not been seen in a while

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