G-Dragon took the spotlight with his airport fashion: What does letter “J” on his backpack mean? 

Does the “J” stand for BLACKPINK’s Jennie? 

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has always been dubbed a style icon of Korea’s entertainment industry. After his recent questionably sloppy look at an exhibition, the iconic “Fashion King” has made a spectacular comeback. 

Appearing at the airport to depart for Amsterdam for the upcoming Chanel show, G-Dragon took the spotlight with his unique and eye-catching fashion. As Chanel’s brand ambassador, he wore a black tweed jacket with white camellia flower and Chanel’s logo on two sides of the chest.

G-Dragon also added an edgy touch by wearing a beanie from his own fashion brand. He wore navy loose-fitted pants with a light blue bow tie belt. The highlight of his outfit is a colorful pair of shoes. 

With a scrunchie on his wrist, his overall look gives off both edgy, swag, and feminine vibes, which are trademark of G-Dragon. This outfit will probably look messy on anyone else, but since it’s G-Dragon who’s wearing it, it looks trendy. Only G-Dragon can pull off this style. 

Notably, what caught the most attention was G-Dragon’s custom Chanel backpack with a large white “J” appearing on it. Netizens are wondering if J is an abbreviation of his rumored girlfriend’s name, Jennie. 


Beside his airport fashion, G-Dragon‘s luxury car, a Rolls Royce phantom with his birthday on its plate, also grabbed the attention at the airport. 

Netizens’ comments: 

  • G-Dragon’s fashion never disappoints. He always looks cool no matter what he puts on. 
  • His unique aura is just unmatched.
  • That J must be in Jennie. I can’t think of any other meaning. 
  • Will Jennie and GD both attend the upcoming Chanel show? 


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