YouTuber Lee Jin Ho pointed out G-Dragon’s ‘J’ backpack and his strange attitude when returning from the fashion show

YouTuber Jin-ho Lee questioned why G-Dragon returned to Korea without completing his overseas schedule, which had been scheduled for a month.

On the 24th, Youtuber Lee Jin-ho posted on his YouTube channel a new video titled: “Transit love? Proof that GD loved Jennie to the end”

Lee Jin-ho mentioned rumors of a romantic relationship between BTS V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Actually, it was an expected sequence. When did they start dating? There is no way to know the inside of it,” he said, hinting at the fact that V and Jenny’s romantic relationship is true.

Lee Jin-ho said that both sides’ agencies have not expressed their positions, but began to talk about G-Dragon, saying, “There is one connection.” He said, “GD and Jenny have been dating for a long time. They were caught and photographed many times but they didn’t acknowledge the relationship. GD was spotted erasing posts from his private account after V and Jennie’s romantic photo was spread.”

Lee Jin-ho also noticed that GD suddenly turned his back to the reporters and showed the bag he was carrying when he left for the Chanel 2022/23 cruise show on the 3rd. He said, “Some said that he intended to expose the sponsored bag but it was not just the bag that caught my attention. The initials ‘J’ were engraved in white on the bag. It is said that the letter ‘J’ stands for Jennie’s name. In particular, there was information that if the two had broken up, he should not have carried the bag with the letter ‘J’, which could cause misunderstandings.”

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However, GD returned to Korea earlier than expected. Lee Jin-ho said, “On the 12th, it was reported that GD, who had been planning to stay in Europe for a month, had suddenly returned to Korea. It was an unexpected change of schedule.” He added: “The reason is not known. He appeared with a tired face and there was no photo like at the time he left. I did not see his bag as well. The atmosphere was also very different from when he left,” he recalled.

“There was no way to know the background of his early return,” he said. “However, strange things happen in April.” Jennie released a photo of her trip to LA on her Instagram on April 17. Her photo background has the stone statue. Notably, another photo was posted by V in November last year to update his life. As can be seen, both of them posted photos taken at the same place. This place was not even a tourist attraction, but in front of a clothing custom shop. There is a four-month time difference, but these photos are still ambiguous because these were taken in a distant land like LA,  and in front of  a place that is not a tourist attraction.”

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Meanwhile, rumors of a romantic relationship between BTS V and Black Pink Jennie were raised on the 23rd, but agencies from both sides have been silent and have not expressed any position. Jennie had a romantic relationship with G-Dragon before the rumor of her romantic relationship with V, but she did not make a separate position at that time.

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Source: Nate

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