The amazing number of outfits Suzy wore in PSY’s “Celeb” MV

Showing off her beauty and dancing skills, the idol-actress Suzy changed her clothes 13 times in PSY’s newest MV.

Suzy made a surprise appearance in PSY’s new MV “Celeb”, and according to the observation on the Korean forum theqoo, has adorned a total of 13 outfits. The idol-actress’ full list of clothes is as follows:

  1. White slit dress
  2. Lilac dress
  3. White open back dress
  4. Two-toned chiffon dress
  5. Checked red crop-top and red skirt
  6. Blue blouse and green sequin skirt
  7. Nude dress
  8. Neon green dress with puff shoulder
  9. Off-the-shoulder navy dress
  10. Red vest suit
  11. Red polka-dot dress
  12. Hot pink ruffle gown
  13. Final outfit
Through her 13 different outfits 
The idol-actress..
..easily go from sexy..
..to cute.

The full version of the “Celeb” MV, featuring PSY and Suzy, was released at 6 p.m KST, May 3rd. This is the third track on PSY’s new album “PSY 9”.

The song was written and composed by PSY and Zico, and was first introduced at PSY’s concert “Summer Swag 2019”, drawing a lot of attention then. Three years after, the official full audio version finally dropped in PSY’s newest album. 

With Suzy’s surprise appearance, the MV for “Celeb” quickly became a hot topic in Korea. The teaser video for the MV even exceeded 7.2 million YouTube views in 12 days. 

From the same album, PSY’s title song “That That”, which is produced and featured by BTS’s Suga, has topped various  music charts like Genie, Bugs, Melon, and Flo. At the moment, the MV, which was released on April 29th, has reached over 70 million views. B-side songs like “Celeb”. “You Move Me”, and “Sleepless” also garnered great interest. 

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