The fact that Hyun Bin plays Ahn Jung Geun in upcoming film “Harbin” is affecting his reputation in Japan?

It is said that Japanese netizens’ attitude towards Hyun Bin has changed since the news of him playing the role of Ahn Jung Geun in his new film “Harbin” was reported.

This rumor originated from performance companies that often organize fanmeeting in Japan for Hallyu stars, such as Hyun Bin. On December 1st, an official from a mid-sized agency said, “Although Hyun Bin’s popularity soared with the drama ‘Crash Landing on You’, which set records in Japan, a strange atmosphere has been detected since 1-2 months ago.”

In other words, it was confirmed that Japanese performance organizers that used to compete to host Hyun Bin’s fanmeeting have recently changed their attitude 180 degrees differently. Regarding the reason, they said that forecasts on demand for venue renting and ticket pre-sale are not the same as before. 

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An official who organized Cha Seung Won and Kim Nam Gil’s fanmeetings in Japan added, “We offered Hyun Bin’s agency the plan for fanmeeting and photobook release in Japan on the scale of 1 billion won and was waiting for their response. However, we got a call from Japan asking us to invite other actors other than Hyun Bin”. This so-called “Hyun Bin passing” atmosphere has started since the news of Hyun Bin’s appearance in the movie “Harbin” was announced.

There have been various cultural conflicts between Korea and Japan from the past until now. Singer Lee Seung Chul carried out a performance for reunification on Dokdo Island in August 2014, and his entry to Haneda Airport in November of the same year was denied. It’s been 8 years but japan has not revealed an official position on the reason why his entry was denied, but people speculated that it might be because of Dokdo Island as the dispute between Korea and Japan centering on this island has not been settled yet. Singer Jung Kwang Tae, who sang “The Korean Island Dokdo”, Lee Soo Geun, who went to Dokdo for broadcast filming, Song Il Guk, who swam near Dokdo, and Kim Jang Hoon, who used to perform on Dokdo, are also at a disadvantage. 


“Harbin”, which crank in on November 20th, is a new film directed by Woo Min Ho (“Inside Men”, “The Man Standing Next”). It’s a spy action film about Ahn Jung Geun, a lieutenant general of the Korean Army, conducting an assassination of Itō Hirobumi, the main culprit of the invasion of Joseon, at Harbin on October 26th, 1909. 

Prior to the release of “Harbin”, Yoon Je Kyoon’s movie “Hero”, starring Jung Sung Hwa, will premiere on December 21st to mark the 113th anniversary of the Harbin event. 

Source: Daum

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