4 young Korean actresses who rose to fame right after their first roles

In the vast Korean entertainment industry with countless celebrities, having the opportunity to play a lead role right after debut is a big achievement in the careers of young actors. Notably, if the first production they star in is a great success, helping them quickly rise to fame, among many young stars of Korean showbiz, only the following 4 actresses could probably achieve that. 

Jung Ho Yeon

The first name to be mentioned is Jung Ho Yeon, the actress who has taken social media by storm in recent days after appearing in the survival series Squid Game. Jung Ho Yeon was born in 1994. She is a talented model with many outstanding achievements.  In the film industry, Jung Ho Yeon is a brand new face.  At the age of 27, she started to go down the acting path and success has soon come to her. Squid Game, her first work, has become a global hit, boosting Jung Ho Yeon’s popularity all over the world.

Jung Ho Yeon

In Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon takes on the role of player no. 067, a North Korean defector who is determined to participate in the deadly survival game because she wants to earn money to save her brother.  This character’s background is easy to leave an impression on the viewers. Jung Ho Yeon’s natural acting also contributes to capturing the hearts of many. Therefore, after the series was released, Jung Ho Yeon automatically became one of the most followed actresses today.

Her Instagram followers went from 400,000 to over 15 million, surpassing the veteran actress Song Hye Kyo.  Her name is mentioned everywhere by netizens, and every new photo of her that comes out gains massive attention. This is a perfect stepping stone for Jung Ho Yeon in her acting career. However, whether this spectacular success is continued or not depends on her future works and the upcoming direction of the actress. Hopefully, Jung Ho Yeon will seize the opportunity to maintain her popularity for a long time.

Kim Go Eun

Another beautiful actress that has to be included among the rookies who quickly rose to fame is Kim Go Eun. While many other actors struggle for many years in television before having the opportunity to star in a movie, Kim Go Eun made her debut in a theatrical film. She was scouted by the director of the film A Muse and cast as the female lead. Her role in A Muse helped Kim Go Eun go from an unknown rookie to a sought-after talent.

Kim Go Eun

With the role of an 18-year-old girl in A Muse, Kim Go Eun won 10 film awards both domestically and overseas. Following the success of A Muse, she became a new rising star of the Korean film industry, with a wide open career path. Kim Go Eun receives many praises from viewers and critics for her emotional and natural performance in the movie. Besides luck, Kim Go Eun has an undeniable acting talent that allowed her to achieve such remarkable results in her first work.

Bae Suzy

Debuting as an idol, but perhaps people will not object and all remember the role of Go Hye Mi in the drama “Dream High”. This is her first work as an actress. As an idol who encroached on acting, frankly an “amature”, but Suzy has had a perfect debut in the acting field. Her pure and cute beauty has won the hearts of the audience. It must also be said that because she plays the role of a high school girl, the right age for her in real life, and plays in a movie about music, Suzy fully exerts her charm, thereby creating a stepping stone to take a step forward to a greater career advancement.

After “Dream High”, Suzy also won valuable rookie awards, attracting the attention of both domestic and foreign audiences because of the film’s high reputation, wide-coverage, and popularity. So this girl started a parallel career in both singing, acting, advertising and quickly became a top star. Since then, other works have also come into Suzy’s hands, all of which are the main roles in invested movies, combined with popular names. It’s as if Suzy was born to be a star, her path is wide open and just walking will lead to success.

Kim Tae Ri

Another bright face of the Korean film industry is Kim Tae Ri, the girl who has been successful since her debut work. Overcoming 1500 candidates, Kim Tae Ri was chosen to play the role of the maid Sook Hee in the hit movie “The Handmaiden” by director Park Chan Wook. This is a work that has resonated not only in Korea but also in the international market, it has helped Kim Tae Ri join the ranks of the brightest faces of the Korean film industry. And this is also the first film in the career of this beauty born in 1990.

Kim Tae Ri’s bold performance in the film stunned the audience, while critics and experts admired it. No one thought this was the first work of the actress, and no one expected that Kim Tae Ri would be so successful because she immediately won 5 prestigious acting awards for this role. Indeed, the effort to have a role in “The Handmaiden” is a wise decision of the actress. Because after this movie, Kim Tae Ri automatically stepped into the female lead line, the movie works came to her hands continuously, but the transition to the television segment was also glorious. In her first drama, Kim Tae Ri was paired with Lee Byung Hun. It is a super product with great investment, high rating ‘Mr. Sunshine’.

The 4 faces mentioned above can be said to be luckier than others because they have great opportunities, but they are even more deserving because they take advantage of that opportunity to shine. I find the beginnings of these beauties to be the perfect guide for them to know which direction to go. Currently, both Suzy, Kim Tae Ri, and Kim Go Eun are having solid careers and great reputations. Netizens all hoped Jung Ho Yeon, the new face in this list will also make good use of her talents like her seniors.

Source: DAN

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