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Haha Touched to Tears by Daughter Ha Song’s Dance on “Haha Bus” 

Haha was moved to tears watching his daughter Ha Song, who was sick, dance.

On episode 16 of “Haha Bus” which aired on May 16th, the story of Haha‘s family traveling with guest Lee Yi Kyung was shown.


Haha’s family enjoyed a barbecue party with Lee Yi Kyung. Lee Yi Kyung made instant canned popcorn. When the popcorn started popping, all the kids were amazed.


After tasting the popcorn and getting excited, the kids started dancing. 


While watching Ha Song’s passionate dance, Haha said. “She couldn’t even get up before.” Lee Yi Kyung was taken aback, and Byul explained, “She was sick.” Lee Yi Kyung was surprised and said, “Is she completely better now?” while being touched, saying, “She has become so healthy now.


Haha said, “She couldn’t even stand up straight. This is fun for me to watch, but…” and couldn’t continue his words. Lee Yi Kyung empathized with Haha’s feelings, saying, “There are times when you get emotional.” Byul added, “It brings tears to our eyes.

Source: Wikitree

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