(G)I-DLE’s “Queencard” Music Video Scenes That Leave Viewers in Tears

The MV for the title track “Queencard” from (G)I-DLE’s sixth mini-album, “I feel,” is gathering much attention.

On May 15th, (G)I-DLE released the official music video for the title track “Queencard” from their latest mini-album “I feel.”

The title track “Queencard” is a song that exudes (G)I-DLE’s confidence, conveying the message of loving oneself as they are, rather than focusing on appearances.

The music video for “Queencard” is receiving a lot of attention. Soyeon, the story’s main character, envies other pretty girls and decides to undergo plastic surgery.

However, in the final scenes, Soyeon eventually regains her senses, comes down from the plastic surgery operating table, and discovers her true self.

Regarding this, Soyeon introduced the song at the showcase for “I feel”, saying, “‘Queencard’ contains the message that I am so beautiful. I hope people find themselves beautiful. That (confident) appearance is very beautiful. I hope many people know that.

Netizens applauded the message in the music video for “Queencard”, commenting, “As expected of (G)I-DLE,” “I cried while watching it,” “It’s so cool,” and more.

Source: Wikitree

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