Super Junior Donghae is the worst idol-actor currently? Stiff expressions, outshined by second lead?

Donghae, a member of Super Junior, recently made his return to the acting scene, only to receive scathing comments.

“Oh! Young Shim” is a new romantic comedy airing on the Korean channel ENA with ratings of 0.6% and 0.4% for the first two episodes. After the first two episodes, the drama received mixed reviews about its quality with many criticisms revolving around both the drama’s script and the performance of the lead actor, the famous idol Donghae (Super Junior).


In the drama, Donghae plays Wang Kyung Tae (Mark Wang), a successful man who is the CEO of a large company despite his young age. Destiny helped him reunite with his childhood friend whom he once pursued, from there opening up lovely and humorous stories revolving around this childhood friend couple.

Donghae transforms into a CEO in “Oh! Young Shim”

Perhaps because he has not acted in a drama for many years, and moreover, he is not a professional actor, Donghae’s performance did not manage to convince the audience. Many viewers even said that his expression in all scenes remain the same, as if his character is a still picture with little emotions. 

Below are some comments from viewers:

  • I am a fan of Super Junior but Donghae looks very strange, even uncomfortable to watch
  • He is handsome for sure, but his acting just falls flat 
  • Donghae is a great singer, but he lacks acting skills
  • Whether he is disappointed or angry, it’s always the same expression..
  • The second male lead did a much better job, in my personal opinion
Donghae’s “angry” expression

Whilst Donghae plays the male lead, most of the audience are falling for Lee Min Jae, who plays the second lead. In fact, some even said that Min Jae is the best actor in the entire drama, despite him being rather new to the acting scene. From his expressions to his posture, Lee Min Jae is highly rated. It is also known that before “Oh! Young Shim”, Lee Min Jae had made a strong impression when he took on a supporting role in the hit drama “Crash Course in Romance”.

Lee Min Jae in “Oh! Young Shim”

Photo: ENA

Source: k14

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