How Honda Hitomi Shocked by K-Pop Girl Group Body Standards and Lost 10kg

The former IZ*ONE member and current AKB48 idol reveals her diet and exercise regimen during Korean promotions

Honda Hitomi is a member of AKB48’s Team 8 and also a member of the girl group IZ*ONE, which was formed through a Korean survival program.

honda hitomi weight loss

Recently, it has been brought to light on various online communities that after returning to Japan and continuing her activities, she revealed on a local broadcast the reason why she started a diet.

Last year, a brief interview video of Honda Hitomi, who appeared on the Japanese variety program ‘Conkura Be’, was released on a YouTube channel believed to be her fan account, ‘Strawberry Hitomi’.

As of the 19th, the video has garnered over 3.32 million views, indicating its popularity.

On that broadcast, she attracted attention for her physique, which had changed quite a bit from when she was active in AKB48.

honda hitomi weight loss

She said, “I was quite chubby before going to Korea. But when I actually went to Korea and saw other girl group members who were very slim and had pretty figures, I was shocked and lost 10kg.

Hitomi also shared, “I combined diet and exercise, and went to Pilates or the gym 2-3 times a week to receive posture correction.

On that day, Hitomi also explained that Pilates is popular in Korea.

Korean netizens who watched the video have expressed various reactions, such as “All the IZ*ONE members were very slim,” “She was probably under more pressure being in the same group as Jang Won-young,” “Hitomi was cute and pretty even before,” and “Please do more activities in Korea.

Meanwhile, Honda Hitomi, who returned to Japan after her activities with IZ*ONE, has returned to AKB48 and has been actively promoting while traveling back and forth between Japan and Korea.

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