“I crawled on four limbs…” Disclosure posts one after another amid No:ze’s power abuse controversy

Dancer No:ze’s power abuse controversy has been an object of public criticism once again.

On July 14th, disclosure posts of staff members who said that they worked at No:ze‘s advertisement site drew attention.

A, who claimed to have experienced a difficult situation at No:ze’s commercial filming site in the past, said, “I liked No:ze very much. But from the day we worked together, I quit being a fan. It was really hard. First of all, I crawled on four limbs to get into the spirit of things at the scene.

A added, “I’m a filming assistant. It’s not the first time celebrities made it hard for me. After hearing (about No:ze’s power abuse controversy), I thought ‘Just shrug it off’. I didn’t know there would be such a big controversy. She’s picky and it’s hard to set the mood on set. This is typical.

B also claimed, “My younger brother is a fan of No:ze. It seems that she revealed her calypsis so much while filming. She doesn’t want to do anything, she’s sensitive and she’s rude to staff members.

C, who sponsored No:ze’s Instagram posts, said, “I sponsored No:ze’s team WayB and other dancer teams before the success of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’. However, only No:ze didn’t upload posts. After hearing about her controversy, I thought ‘After all, that habit isn’t going anywhere’.

In this regard, iMBC Entertainment contacted No:ze’s agency Starting House to perform a fact check, but has not been able to reach them.

Meanwhile, suspicions were raised that No:ze discriminated against small and medium-sized brands by failing to fulfill her contract with them when uploading sponsored posts on her Instagram. In addition, by deleting all advertisement posts from smaller brands and keeping only posts related to luxury goods, No:ze came under more criticism.

Afterwards, No:ze stood on the concert stage without apologizing directly. She was criticized for sobbing and saying, “We aren’t people who didn’t put in effort at any moment.” In the end, she belatedly posted a handwritten apology, “I am truly sorry for causing damage and disappointment to officials without any excuse.”

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