Kim Sae Ron’s two faces: playing poker at bars vs working part-time

Kim Sae Ron’s true self is being called into question once again, with contradictory reports surfacing about her recent activities. 

Last year, Kim Sae Ron was caught drunk driving and subsequently issued an apology letter before self-reflecting. Later in November, during her period of self-reflection, news emerged of Kim Sae Ron working part-time at a cafe to make ends meet, which her agency confirmed at the time.

kim sae ron

However, posts on Kim Sae Ron’s social media and reports of her enjoying drunken parties circulated at the same time, leading to doubts about her authenticity. 

This is similar to the Deja vu situation that had occurred before, adding fuel to the fire of suspicions.

On March 8th, during a trial, Kim Sae Ron admitted to all the charges, and her lawyer appealed for leniency, saying, “The defendant was supporting her family as the breadwinner. This incident has not only affected her, but also her family, who are now struggling financially.”

To support her appeal, Kim Sae Ron posted a photo of herself working in a café on her Instagram. However, the coffee franchise said that the actress never worked there, sparking doubts.

kim sae ron

In addition, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer is known to be a representative lawyer of the “Top 10 Law Firms in Korea”, so the actress must have paid a hefty lawyer fees. This contradicts with Kim Sae Ron’s claims of financial struggles in her appeal.

In addition, witness accounts about Kim Sae Ron continue to surface. On March 21st, The Fact reported that a source claimed to have seen her working at a restaurant in Gangnam at the end of February. According to this witness, Kim Sae Ron was a hard worker who performed her duties with great skill and kindness to the customers.

On the same day, however, another witness account was released by SBS Entertainment News, claiming that Kim Sae Ron was spotted playing poker in a bar in Seoul earlier this year. 

kim sae ron

According to this report from SBS, the actress showed no sign of remorse, and was seen spending a lot of time in the bar, drinking and playing poker with a famous male YouTuber.

The truth behind these reports has not been verified, but with Kim Sae Ron’s contradictory behavior, doubts about her authenticity are only increasing. The public is left wondering which side of her is the real Kim Sae Ron.

Source: daum

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