Uzu Rocks CEO didn’t resign, not paying 900 million won to Song Ji Hyo but hiring a secretary?

The former representative of Uzu Rocks who announced his resignation is confirmed to still be holding the position in an affiliated company.

As of May 19th, according to the registry certificate, Park Joo Nam is still listed as the representative of Uzu Rocks Investment, a stock company. This is a different move from when he announced his resignation from his position, to take responsibility for the non-payment of wages and settlement money.

Last year, actress Song Ji Hyo, who had signed an exclusive contract with Uzu Rocks, announced the termination of her contract due to non-payment of settlement money and filed a lawsuit against Uzu Rocks. It is known that Song Ji Hyo has not received about 900 million won in settlements from Uzu Rocks.

Wages for employees are also not being paid. There are even employees who have not received their March salaries.

On the same day, a representative from Song Ji Hyo’s side expressed frustration and told TV Report, “Park Joo Nam stepped down from the position of representative. However, the company side remains silent on the matter of apology or repayment. It’s questionable whether Park Joo Nam is really willing to take responsibility. It’s everyone’s precious money, but no one is taking responsibility”.

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In response, a representative from Uzu Rocks explained, “Park Joo Nam has resigned from his position as representative in three out of the four corporations. He is currently in the process of resigning from Uzu Rocks Investment.”

Park Joo Nam suddenly resigned on April 27th, when the controversy over Uzu Rocks’ non-payment of settlements and wages came to light. Since then, Park Joo Nam has gone silent without apologizing to all employees, including Song Ji Hyo.

TV Report has repeatedly tried to contact Park Joo Nam for his position, but ultimately could not reach him. Both the former and current representatives are avoiding responsibility.

Even after Park Joo Nam’s resignation, Uzu Rocks stalled time by saying, “We are trying to get investment money. Once we get the investment money, we will pay the settlement and wages right away”. Nevertheless, they still broke several promises with employees.

They proposed to Song Ji Hyo that they would pay her settlement money into a different corporate account, not Uzu Rocks Entertainment.

Song Ji Hyo, who thought it was not normal, declined Uzu Rocks’ offer. A representative from Song Ji Hyo’s side said, “It’s not money laundering and they talked a lot about cash, so we felt uncomfortable and didn’t accept it”, adding, “We know that it’s not easy for a Uzu Rocks Entertainment account to be seized. There must be a reason, and we think all the trivial things will be sorted out through the trial.”

Meanwhile, Uzu Rocks Investment, where Park Joo Nam is the representative, is currently hiring employees. They started hiring a secretary from the 8th and will accept applications until July 7th.

Source: Naver

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