Amidst the wave of criticism directed towards Jennie, how did her rumored-boyfriend – V react?

V’s reaction to the criticism towards Jennie has left many people curious.

After a series of photos allegedly showing Jennie and V holding hands while strolling the streets of Paris went viral on social media, the BLACKPINK member has once again become the target of criticism. Specifically, on Jennie’s personal Instagram account, numerous accounts claiming to be fans of V have left a barrage of attacking and derogatory comments towards the female singer amidst rumors of her dating a member of BTS.


Amidst the turmoil surrounding Jennie, many people are curious about her rumored boyfriend – V’s reaction. However, monitoring his activities on social media, the male singer has hardly had any recent updates. The male idol has also disabled the comment feature on his personal Instagram account. As a result, fans of both idols have turned Jennie’s personal Instagram into a “battlefield.”

Prior to the dating rumors between the two, V unintentionally followed Jennie’s Instagram account, which led to her being targeted by online harassment from some of his fans. The male idol quickly unfollowed Jennie afterward and explained on Weverse, stating, “Instagram is scary.” 

As a result, many people expressed disappointment towards V for not taking any action to protect his rumored girlfriend when she was being attacked by his fans.

As of now, both YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment have not confirmed or denied the relationship between Jennie and V. The status of their relationship remains unconfirmed.

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