“I suddenly burst into tears” Actor Song Seung Heon recalls an emotional meeting with a long-term fan at her wedding 

Actor Song Seung Heon remembered having an emotional reunion with a fan who had been around since day 1.

In a recent interview with News1, actor Song Seung Heon took a look back at the 27 long years in the acting field. During the same interview, the actor mentioned an unforgettable memory. Specifically, it was when he attended the wedding of the president of a fan club that had been with him from day 1. 

Song Seung Heon received a wedding invitation from the President of a long-term fan club

According to the “Autumn in My Heart”, he actually received a wedding invitation from the bride and secretly joined the ceremony after clearing his schedule: “Actually, I went to a wedding a while ago, it was the wedding of a fan who has been a fan of mine since I was a child”, adding that she even ran to get his autograph in school uniform before. At first, the actor was not sure if he could make it due to a filming schedule. However, when the actor was able to attend the wedding, the bride was so surprised she “was about to cry all of a sudden”.

However, the actor also revealed he also cried the moment he saw the fan in a wedding dress. He confessed, “When I look at it, 20 years ago, a little friend in a school uniform got married, and I’m getting older, what is this? I wondered if this was the kind of feeling a brother had when his sister got married”. He was thankful to the fan for sticking by his side for so long. He was happy that he and his fan were able to get old together.

In 1996, Song Seung Heon debuted as an actor through the sitcom “Three Guys, Three Girls”. He got shot to stardom with such dramas as “Autumn in My Heart” or “East of Eden”. Currently, he is working on Netflix’s “Black Knight”.

Source: Billboardvn 

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