Not Song Hye Kyo or Lim Ji Yeon? Who is the best friend chosen by Park Sung Hoon?

Actor Park Sung Hoon showed off his charm, which is opposite to that of his character Jeon Jae Jun in “The Glory”.

On May 19th, a video titled “Unexpected charms of actor Park Sung Hoon! From his best friend to the music he’s currently into, a full-blown TMI interview”, was published on the official YouTube channel of Allure Korea.

Unlike Jeon Jae Jun, who became a hot topic for “reckless driving” in “The Glory”, Park Sung Hoon said, “I usually drive safely. I tend to be more careful when I have someone next to me, and a little less careful when I’m alone. I don’t drive like (Jeon Jae Jun) at all, and I don’t often honk the horn.”

park sung hoon

As for his charm point, the actor said, “Since Jeon Jae Jun received an unexpected review as a comical character, there are people who think I must be very lively and fun. Actually, I’m not like that and I think I’m calm most of the time. That’s my charm.”

park sung hoon

When asked about his best friend these days, Park Sung Hoo named his manager without hesitation. Park Sung Hoon even mentioned his manager’s real name, saying, “I have so many schedules that we became close. We spend more time together than with family or any friends, so I think my manager is my best friend.”

Source: Naver

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