LE SSERAFIM, complete conquest of “UNFORGIVEN”

LE SSERAFIM is back! It is a comeback after about 7 months. On May 1st, they released their first full-length album “UNFORGIVEN” (feat. Nile Rodgers).

Once again, they sang about their independence. The title song is “UNFORGIVEN”. It contains LE SSERAFIM‘s determination to “pioneer our own path regardless of the evaluation of others”.

The moment you listen to it, you fall for it. It is strangely familiar as it sampled the main theme OST of the American western movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. It also featured Grammy guitarist Nile Rodgers. It is so addictive, right?


Dispatch visited the music video filming site of “UNFORGIVEN” in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province last March. It was filled with LE SSERAFIM’s charm. Shall we watch it together?

On this day, LE SSERAFIM was in the midst of filming the music video for “Choreography version for FEARNOT (fandom name)”. We were able to feel the aspect of performance queens.

There are several dance movements that became a hot topic in “UNFORGIVEN”. First, the most difficult one. You have to bend your back 90 degrees. Yunjin and Eunchae pulled it off in different ways.

Hong Eunchae became the main character of the group dance in verse 2. She showed a performance of throwing herself with flexible waves.


The second highlight is definitely Kazuha’s solo dance scene. It features a dramatic composition in which she kneels and crawls on the floor. The fighting spirit of her knees shone.

Kazuha’s passion on set was truly amazing. When the cue sign started, her eyes suddenly changed. She continued filming dozens of times with the energy like swallowing the camera.

We cannot leave out the signature choreography, right? The point is to shape the devil’s horns with your fingers above your head in line with the lyrics “I’m a villain”.

The girls’ facial expressions that change every moment according to the choreography are excellent.

In fact, it was not an easy day. Every time the director shouted “cut”, the members exhaled heavily. There was no easy choreography. The members had to continue intense movements in seconds. Crawling, jumping… But they never missed the monitor.


LE SSERAFIM surpassed the limitations again this time with “UNFORGIVEN”. A total of 1,024,034 copies (Hanteo Chart) were sold within one day of release. The first week sales were 1,258,011 copies.

It is a tremendous growth. This figure quadrupled and doubled the first week sales of the debut album “FEARLESS” (300,000 copies) and the second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” (560,000 copies).

“UNFORGIVEN” also made history on Billboard’s main chart. It entered No.6 on the Billboard 200 chart (week of May 20th).

LE SSERAFIM entered Billboard 200’s Top 10 in the shortest time in the history of K-pop girl groups. Finally, LE SSERAFIM sent a message to FEARNOT .

We always say ‘LE SSERAFIM is a team’. FEARNOT and LE SSERAFIM should be together forever. FEARNOT! Please stay by our side forever.”

Source: Daum

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