Jang Wonyoung’s makeup is trending on YouTube and TikTok, this is the reason why

As K-pop idols gain popularity on a world-wide scale, interest in K-beauty is also growing daily.

Recently, social media platforms are filled with women recreating “Kpop idol makeup”. With this,  Korean style makeup, which is characterized by clear skin, blushed cheeks like watercolor, long and distinct eyelashes, and emphasized eye bags, has become a new trend.

On platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Korean makeup content is constantly popping up, not only from Koreans, but also from people from various countries such as China, Indonesia, and Russia.


Videos covering the makeup of Kpop idols like IVE, BLACKPINK, TWICE are also gaining considerable popularity.

A video by beauty YouTuber PRETTA, titled “IVE Jang Wonyoung Cover Makeup, from Dimple Skin to Color, to Tweety Bangs”, meticulously replicates Jang Wonyoung’s makeup and boasts an impressive resemblance. This video garnered 1.89 million views, showing its great popularity.

Foreign YouTubers are also sharing Korean makeup videos and receiving hot responses.

Ukrainian-Russian model and beauty YouTuber Dasha Taran is loved for her Korean-style makeup videos

Dasha Taran, a Ukrainian-Russian model and beauty YouTuber, is loved for her videos featuring Korean-style makeup using Korean cosmetics.

Dasha Taran has recorded 2.51 million views on her various Korean makeup videos and has become a YouTuber with 1.77 million subscribers.

Beauty YouTuber Hyojin Cho visited the makeup salon used by Jang Wonyoung

Not only do they recreate the makeup themselves, these content creators also visit the makeup salons frequented by idols and get the same makeup service. Beauty YouTuber Hyojin Cho’s content, where she gets her makeup done by the same makeup artist who works with Jang Wonyoung, recorded 4.89 million views.

In addition to this, content where people visit the makeup shops of various Korean idols like BLACKPINK, LE SSERAFIM, and others, and get the same makeup, are appearing rapidly both domestically and internationally.

What could be the reason for the popularity of Korean-style makeup?

Professor Hwang Seo Yi from the Humanities Content Research Institute at Chung-Ang University said, “The reason is the global popularity of Hallyu contents such as Korean dramas, movies, and idols, which has increased interest in K-beauty.”

Professor Hwang also analyzed, “The characteristic of Korean makeup is to emphasize inherent beauty and naturalness and improve flaws with transparent makeup. Clean and clear skin expression and Korean-style makeup expressions that make you look younger stimulate curiosity and make people want to try it at least once.” 

She added, “Many foreign stars and influencers like Tang Wei, Lana Condor, Dasha Taran, etc. are showing a changed image through Korean makeup and are getting a good response worldwide.”

YouTube played a significant role in making Korean makeup popular worldwide, the professor also mentioned. 

“To try Korean-style makeup, you need makeup process, know-how, tips, and makeup product information, and YouTube is playing the biggest role in delivering these contents”, Hwang Seo Yi said, adding, “It was difficult to experience and access Korean culture directly overseas due to language barriers, but these limits are being lifted through YouTube.”

“Furthermore, famous domestic beauty creators like PONY Syndrome and RISABAE are securing a considerable number of overseas subscribers by using both Korean and English subtitles, making it easy for people overseas to watch,” she emphasized.

Source: Newsis

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