“Running Man” and “I Live Alone” defeated, TV programs with highest brand reputation in January is…

The ranking of brand reputation in January 2023 for TV entertainment program has been announced and is drawing attention. 

From December 6th, 2022 to January 6th, 2023, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute analyzed 119,603,142 big data of 50 brands of entertainment programs loved by the public, and compiled consumers’ brand participation, communication, media consumption, brand spread, and viewing.

mr trot 2

As a result of the analysis, “Mr. Trot 2” and “Burning Trotman” respectively ranked first and second in terms of January’s brand reputation.

mr trot 2

This result is particularly eye-catching because the two programs had formed a competitive structure even before they were aired. In particular, “Burning Trotman” is a trot contest program newly introduced by PD Seo Hye Jin’s division, which made the “Miss Trot” and “Mr Trot” series a big success before leaving TV Chosun. As a result, fierce competition between the two programs has continued until recently.

burning trot man

First of all, the “Mr. Trot 2” brand, which ranked first, had a participation index of 3,024,657, a media index of 4,031,952, a communication index of 2,215,427, a community index of 2,488,739, and a viewing index of 2,570,214, totalling to a brand reputation index of 14,330,990. Meanwhile, the “Burning Trotman” brand, which took second place, had a brand reputation index of 9,968,789, which included a participation index of 2,246,127, a media index of 2,997,592, a communication index of 1,151,257, a community index of 2,115,711, and a viewing index of 1,458,102. . 

seo hye jin

Regarding January’s rankings, Koo Chang Hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “As a result of brand big data analysis in January 2023 of the broadcasting entertainment brand reputation, ‘Mr. Trot 2’ ranked first, and trending keywords for this brand include ‘record’, ‘breakthrough’, and ‘renew’. In the positive-negative analysis, the positive rate reached 93.07%.” 

program reputation ranking

Following “Mr. Trot 2” and “Burning Trotman” are other TV entertainment programs such as  “Running Man”, “I Live Alone”, “I’m Solo”, “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”, “Knowing Bros”, “Radio Star”, “Hangout with Yoo”, and “My Little Old Boy”. 

program reputation ranking

Source: wikitree

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