Min Hee-jin’s side refuted the controversy over the sensualism of Newjeans’s “Cookie” lyrics

Min Hee-jin’s side explained the controversy over sensualism in the lyrics of the song by the girl group Newjeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein)

On August 27th, Newjeans’s agency ADOR, a label of HYBE, released a long statement regarding the controversy over the sensualism of Newjeans’s “Cookie” lyrics.


The agency said, “The ADOR team didn’t take any issue with the lyrics to “Cookie” when we were making the album”, adding “It’s impossible for people to be familiar with every idiom and offensive term out there and predicting their reception around the world is an even more challenging task”, emphasizing that the song “Cookie” is focused on the music. ADOR team explained that the song revolves around the idea of burning CDs and baking cookies, which share the same conceptual verb in Korean, to signal the daring new direction the girl group they are taking. 

They continued, “‘Cookie’ is the song that shows the confidence of a dessert that can taste better than staple foods while remaining humble enough to call itself a dessert”.


In particular, ADOR said, “To be sure, we consulted with English professors, professional interpreters, translators and native speakers about this issue”, adding “(Regarding the claim that says ‘Cookie’ in the song refers to a woman’s genitals) The experts suggested it isn’t a commonplace interpretation and they had to look up as they were unfamiliar with it themselves”. 


They continued to explain, “They also gave no credit to the argument concerning singular and plural use of the word as both are extremely commonplace, noting that if someone’s goal is to find ill-intentioned meaning or interpret it as slang used among a small subset of people then they will, but that they would be wrong to conclude with any certainty that this is in line with any definitive meaning.”

“The lyrics to ‘Cookie’ were written by two native English speakers: a Korean woman and a Swedish woman in their 30s. Given how sure we were in our vision, everyone was stunned when the issue arose”, ADOR team said.


In addition, ADOR also denied the controversy related to CEO Min Hee-jin and announced that they would take legal action.

Source: daum

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