Kim Hee Ae Reveals What’s in Her Bag, Morning Routine and English Study Habits

Kim Hee Ae talked about her morning routine, starting from the items in her bag.

On April 27th, the YouTube channel of fashion magazine Vogue Korea released a video featuring actress Kim Hee Ae, in which she showed subscribers what was in her bag. 

Kim Hee Ae said that she tends to accumulate things in her bag due to her “hobo-chic” style. She stated, “As I keep adding things, my bag gets bigger. When I go to film something, it takes up my entire day from morning to night, and there is a lot of waiting time, so I bring a lot of things with me. I am always on the side of carrying a lot in my bag.”

Kim Hee Ae had a tassel keyring on her phone, saying, “Someone gave me this as a gift. It was so pretty that I kept it. I have a cat at home, and when I take pictures of him, he shows his face if I show him this.

Kim Hee Ae has a long wallet. She stated, “I like big wallets, and I don’t like it when bills are folded.” When the production team saw her bright yellow wallet, they asked if she likes bright colors. Kim Hee Ae responded, “As I get older, I like bright colors more and more.


There are also healthy snacks such as honey, cherry powder, and honey candy in her bag. Kim Hee Ae explained, “My stomach is sensitive. After filming something difficult, my stomach starts to hurt. When I go overseas or to a location, I can’t sleep well, but someone told me to try high-quality honey. I ate it one night and slept really well.

She also keeps hand cream and a toothbrush from a hotel amenity. Kim Hee Ae said, “It’s a waste to just leave it there. I have to use it,” and felt embarrassed saying, “I love free things too much.

She also revealed her English study routine. Kim Hee Ae said, “I’m not good at English, but I actually study three books. Three books are too thick and difficult, so I tear them into ten-day units. I carry three books: writing, listening, and speaking.” She recommended, “Listen to EBS. The teachers there are really good.


Kim Hee Ae is well-known for her strict self-management. When asked about her morning routine, she said, “There are people who live more passionately, so I’m embarrassed to talk about what I do.” She continued, “I wake up before 6am. Sometimes I wake up late, but even that is enjoyable and happy. If someone says, ‘You’ve relaxed today,’ I feel refreshed. It’s important to have those moments.”

Kim Hee Ae said, “I listen to EBS radio and ride a bike for an hour after waking up. Then I do some previewing and reviewing.” She continued, “I’ve been studying English since 2008. I went to a hagwon in Gangnam. I also do online English classes.

Source: Nate. 

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