The fate of lazy idols: Some were terminated, some retired from the idol career

Idols who have been criticized by the audience for being superficial and lazy on stage all abandoned group activities to pursue other dreams.

Recently, the entertainment industry has been rattled by the fact that Jennie (Black Pink) constantly show her diva attitude. There is evidence that she is indifferent, bored, lazy and unprofessional on stage. If not changed, Jennie is very easy to follow the tracks of these lazy idols below.


Becoming a trainee of SM Entertainment since the age of 11 and quickly being the star of Lee So Man, Sulli‘s career path seems to have always been easy. In 2009, the singer was born in 1994 joined F(x). It is not difficult to understand why she is the most popular member of the group thanks to the beautiful face and SM’s push. Sulli also has many other charms such as MC, filming and magazine photography skills.

The fate of lazy idols: Some were terminated, some retired from the idol career
Sulli (leftmost) performs lacking force in comparison to the other members.
The fate of lazy idols: Some were terminated, some retired from the idol career
Sulli did not lie on the dance floor like the choreography, just squatting.

Nothing is worth mentioning until one day Sulli and F (x) suddenly stop working together. Or rather, Sulli is not interested in singing as an idol. From 2013 onward, the fans are tired of seeing her constantly forget to dance, dance weakly and act artificially on the stage. This is also the time when the internal rumors of F (x) disbandment being spread.

In 2014, Dispatch caused a stir when Sulli and Choiza released a series of dating photos. After a period when Sulli being bashed by the public, in 2015, SM announced that she left the group to focus on acting career. Since then, Sulli is like a bird flying soaring to the sky she loves. There is no dense schedule, no longer dancing like a machine for anyone to see, Sulli is comfortable and she enjoys beautiful love with her boyfriend Choiza.

Farewell to her 14-year-old lover at a later time but Sulli is not bored. Her life is described by the word “free”. Even criticized for stunned statements or photos, sensitive actions, Sulli also accept all of them. And it seems that the public has also become accustomed to a rebel Sulli, leaving her to live her own life.


Former SNSD member is known for her cold princess image. During her idol career, she also had a real princess-like attitude. During the promotion of the song “I Got A Boy” (2012), she received a lot of bad comments because of the attitude and not cooperating with other members, especially lazy dancing. The choreography required hip-hop moves of high difficulty, which required a lot of effort, but Jessica just waved her hands weakly on the stage. Even in the music video, Jessica performed artificially.

snsd jessica4 1543252973 1
Jessica ruined the team because of lack of positive attitude.
snsd jessica4 15432529732
Jessica danced in her own beat.

However, before this kind of attitude, Jessia also had a long time doing all her best with SNSD. Only when SNSD has achieved certain achievements, she slowly became lazy. It was also a time of conflict between her and the rest of the group.

The climax of the tension between Jessica and SNSD is in 2014 when she misses singing because she wants to divert to her fashion design. In the end, Jessica was left out by the other 8 members in bitterness. Currently, Jessica pursues parallel singing and fashion, but her popularity has declined compared to her time being with the members.

The fate of lazy idols: Some were terminated, some retired from the idol career
Jessica is free with her own artistic and business activities.

Hyun Seung

Before leaving BEAST, Jang Hyun Seung was also criticized for his lack of enthusiasm for the group. In the years 2015-2016, there was much evidence that he was lazy every time he performed, separating himself from the other members.

The climax of Hyun Seung‘s “lazy” stage was “Beautiful Night” at the Super Seoul Concert in 2015. While the other members were all on stage, Hyun Seung stood in the back, covering his face with his hat without any reaction or action. Many people think that he seems to be … falling asleep in the middle of the stage. This action caused Jang Hyun Seung to receive much criticism for ‘not respecting the audience’.

The fate of lazy idols: Some were terminated, some retired from the idol career
Hyun Seung separated himself from the group.
Hyun Seung 9236 1543252973 1
He was not interested in performing with the group.

In the midst of the most intense controversy, Hyun Seung announced his departure from the group in the surprise of fans. Months later, the singer apologized for his actions but did not receive sympathy from the public. Since then, Hyun Seung’s solo career has not improved much, and BEAST members have left Cube and changed their name to Highlight. In July, Hyun Seung quietly enlisted in the army, his singing career ended.

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