The reason why Song Ji Hyo changed her real name from Cheon Seong Im to Cheon Soo Yeon, “It’s Yoo Jae Suk’s fault” 

Song Ji Hyo revealed that she changed her real name because of Yoo Jae Suk.

On November 11th, Song Ji Hyo appeared in the latest video posted on Ji Suk Jin’s YouTube channel. When Ji Suk Jin asked Song Ji Hyo, “Since when have you been pretty?”, Song Ji Hyo said, “I never think I’m pretty. I’m handsome.”

Ji Suk Jin revealed an anecdote where Haha said, “She’s so pretty” when seeing Song Ji Hyo at an awards ceremony, and confessed that “Running Man” members only saw Song Ji Hyo as an actress when they attended awards ceremonies.

Running Man Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji Hyo then confessed that she changed her real name (from Cheon Seong Im to Cheon Soo Yeon) because of Yoo Jae Suk. Song Ji Hyo said bitterly, “I think I will have to change it again. Because you keep talking about it…” 

Song Ji Hyo said, “So many people know my real name, so they recognize me when I talk. They recognized me because of my voice. When I book an appointment at a telecommunication company or hospital, it feels a little embarrassing. There were even times they welcomed me. It was uncomfortable.

Song Ji Hyo answered “Don’t I look pretty?” to Ji Suk Jin’s question about how it felt when she looked in the mirror after cutting her hair short. 

Running Man Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji Hyo never regretted changing her hairstyle to a shortcut. She said that she was growing it but was thinking about whether to cut it again. Ji Suk Jin strongly opposed this and made her laugh.

Song Ji Hyo recently became a hot topic by asking Haha, “Are you uncomfortable with me?” when she was alone with Haha while shooting “Running Man”.

Running Man Song Ji-hyo

Regarding this, Song Ji Hyo recalled, “Haha didn’t say much on that day. It felt like he didn’t answer me when I was talking. He didn’t react to what I said. It was a bit of a crazy day.”

Song Ji Hyo then revealed, “Haha was not feeling well due to enteritis,” adding, “I know what Haha is like. He wouldn’t have done it on purpose. But I didn’t know Haha would bring up the story on the show.” 

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